How to understand whether depression and what to do with it.

Natalia asks:
Hello! I need the advice of professionals as to persuade the girl on a treatment which obviously depressed. She was 23 years old, was expelled from the University, parents recently divorced. Doesn't want to communicate with anyone, not working, not studying, gloomy, depressed. Prior to these sad events was positive, intelligent, purposeful. Tell me what to say to such a person to understand what needs to be treated?

Responsible psychotherapist, psychiatrist Poltava Anastasia:
Good afternoon, Natalia! This girl has a difficult period in life: expulsion from the University, parents ' divorce, these circumstances almost anyone could be upset. Such changes in life lead to the mountain, and it is a natural process of adaptation of the psyche to a new, which requires the expenditure of mental effort and time, and then she get used to the reality. When we fail to grieve, we go beyond the present, living in the past and successful completion of crisis gives impetus to personal growth, to do this you may need outside help. In this state, some changes are upset, then they will cling to stability, others will want to change, and still others will turn to friends and a therapist for comfort. Different people experience their grief, in different pace and with varying intensity, sometimes it can last more than a year. Access to specialists must be voluntary and conscious choice, if there is no threat to human life, and if without such assistance, the condition will not deteriorate. Without wanting this girl, You can't force it to be treated, but I can easily explain that the appeal to the therapist is nothing wrong and shameful. To psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists treated, and people who are not in a crisis state and do not have mental disorders, to improve the quality of life and better understanding of themselves, experts observed the principles of ethics and confidentiality. Maybe this girl need to survive the change one, in solitude, sometimes we all want to be alone, to rest from everyone and everything. Of course, you can show her that You are close and to gently invite for walks and to the movies, bring to any activity. In any case, it needs support and simple human interaction with friends or a therapist. Often, having no special education, people use terms whose meaning may not fully understand, because depression is a diagnosis, and it is entitled to establish only by a doctor. Every living person is able to experience not only positive emotions, but also sad, sometimes a bad mood can be delayed, then it may be cause for referral to a specialist. The medical term "depression" has entered everyday usage to refer to just a bad mood, but for this diagnosis and appropriate medical treatment should be certain criteria knowledge of which can only be in the competence of the psychiatrist. Sincerely, psychotherapist, psychiatrist Poltava Anastasia.

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