1. Mode
Sleep. It is difficult to fall asleep; after a sudden night waking anxiety or obsessive thoughts prevent sleep; sleep less than 6 or more than 9 hours per night; sleep enough, but the sleep disturbing, superficial, in the morning do not feel that you get enough sleep; have nightmares
Appetite. All the time I want to eat; don't want to eat; suddenly changed food preferences "disgusting to even look at what I've always loved"
Activity. Quickly get tired at work, nor that there is no force, you just want to lie down or "rebate in social networks"; constant state of arousal, "race", the need to be busy with some thing (very important, of course)

2. Health
Headaches, heart pain, pain in the abdomen, skin rash, rapid heartbeat, sweating, dizziness, cold hands and feet, tremors, cough, disorders of the digestive system, sensitivity to bright light and loud noises, darkening of the eyes, reduction in sexual drive

3. Emotional state
Irritability, rapid mood swings, anxiety, anxious "waiting for something", obsessive fears (disease, death - for themselves or their loved ones, natural disasters, wars, etc.), panic attacks, apathy, high sensitivity to stress, touchiness, "all the time I want to cry"

4. Behavior
come home and check off the electrical appliances, closed Windows and the front door
You think you're sick of a serious disease (cancer, AIDS) and you continue to go to doctors, although your suspicions are not confirmed
Annoying mess, a lot of time to spend on "just unfolding on the shelves"
pay Much attention to superstitions (take a detour if the road ran over a black cat)
Afraid of being infected, and too often wash their hands, use wet wipes and antibacterial gels

5. Attitude
Attitude you are burdened, but you can neither move away nor move closer to the man, "I froze like a fly in amber"
Difficult to start a relationship and "loneliness somehow inconvenienced"
Relationships with different people are developing the same script, "I began to guess something in me"
You love each other, but live together does not work
Favorite people do not understand what you need you can't feel with his hand enough care and love, I doubt that this would be "the/the"
Requirements of the chief impossible, but you feel fear and guilt when I think to tell him about it.
the child's Behavior Angers or upsets, and "I feel that I am losing control - and of the son and of the over their feelings and behavior"
so, did you find some of the above (or all:)

most Likely, it's OK if:

In your life is happening (or recently happened) something meaningful and unusual - wedding, breakup, change of job, hospitalization, arrival-departure of a close person, etc.
the Symptoms generally do not interfere with you to live, there is regularity and constancy. Everyone is sometimes a headache, no mood, bad sleep and "annoyed". br>
Perhaps, consult a psychologist/psychotherapist can be useful if:

are You concerned about your condition, you think that there is a specific reason
You go to the doctor for symptoms of section 2, but the doctors don't see medical reasons, they say - "you are healthy" or send "to treat the head"
Your loved ones are concerned about your condition, implying or directly misleading, what's wrong with you something's wrong

PS And the easiest and most reliable way: ask yourself whether you are happy man:)

Elena White
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