What can be considered elevated levels of anxiety, and what is not?

When I started writing this post, I realized that articles on anxiety will be many, one for sure all will not fit. So now we understand what is "normal" anxiety and what is elevated.

Yes, anxiety is the norm. Like any feeling or characteristic of a person, her presence in my life adequately. Anxiety reflects the degree of threat that carries the situation, mobilizes manpower to cope.

that is, if you're nervous before a performance is normal. It only means that you do not care how you play, how you react, and the alarm gives a pulse to be better prepared.

the problem begins when you start to worry not before the performance, and for a couple of days or even weeks before. Situation yet, she's not even close, and you're already going over in my head exactly how you will act, what you say, try to imagine people sitting in the audience.

Obsessive scrolling through all the possible scenarios, mental preparation, which begins much in advance, the tendency to worry about everything and about all are symptoms of increased anxiety.

If you know - most likely, your anxiety is increased. Increased anxiety is understood as a tendency to constantly worry about something that interferes with life.
Because if you have two weeks before the show you've got the yips, during this time, you can have time to hate the organizers, audience, topic, and myself for agreeing. But if you are aware of this tendency, you hardly ever agree to act, and thereby lose the chance of development.

Increased anxiety limits. It prevents to enjoy life (after all the time that you are worrying about performance, you are in my head) that increases stress, prevents to relax and to develop, although its original function, is exactly the opposite, to preserve and to give impetus to the development.

In the next article I will tell about how the "alarm mechanism".

As you think, high do you have anxiety?

Anastasia Kuznetsova
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