How to understand who you are. A biometric study of psycho man


Why, even with a very close and meaningful to us people (our family members, husband, wife, child), we often cannot agree on what is important to us? And the more reverently we treat the subject of our discussion, the greater the likelihood that our soul can settle deep sadness and frustration because of misunderstanding that we find in our loved ones. Why is this happening?

you seem to think that with age, the relationship of the couple the difference in views, ways of perceiving the world must not deepen, but rather people can learn to understand each other perfectly. But why sometimes is different and we don't see ourselves any other way out other than divorce? And is there a solution?

In my practice, in such cases, I pay attention psychological type of personality your client and its compatibility with the psycho the other person, in relations with which there is misunderstanding.

the Founder of psychoanalytic psychology Carl Gustav Yung discovered that there are certain types of the structure of the human subconscious. Interacting with the world, we in a specific way to perceive information, process it and make decisions. Some people need very specific, practical information ("not see, can not touch I will not believe"!), while others pay much more attention to the images, the nuances, the so-called "sixth sense".

some people to solve some problem requires an objective analysis of the facts, they are logical and rational, and there are those who listen more to their own feelings and senses, and takes into account the emotions of other people. Someone to feel confidence in themselves and their integrity must be the center of attention of other people, but there are those who heal their emotional resources are exclusively alone. Someone very important to constantly share their thoughts, feelings, especially in crisis situations for him, and for someone in such cases nothing is more important than personal space and it is unclear what is going on in his soul and how to help him.

All of these processes often occur unconsciously. Under the influence of certain circumstances, we may not be aware of the "real" structure of our personality, not our strengths, trying to adapt to the conditions in which we never will be able to feel comfortable, relaxed and easy. And people around us (even very close) can be very long to see us as those we try, but are not. But one day something happens and suddenly everything starts to go wrong. We cease to feel confidence in themselves and their life choices. Our true identity seeks to escape to freedom.

In his practice in such cases (sudden sensations of implementation, frustration and a life partner, the feeling of stalemate and hopelessness, chronic fatigue syndrome and professional burnout), I propose a biometric study of the psychological personality type (based on a photographic image of a person).

This gives a huge advantage - especially in the case when someone is very important not only to understand themselves but also to establish (maintain, change for the better) relationship with husband (wife), or go to their colleagues (boss) at work. Because understanding the mindset of another person (and his true aspirations, needs, opportunities), it is much easier to learn with it to speak the same language and to find new and this time real ground.

I'll be glad to help you in this interesting and important process!

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