One of the most frequent requests is help to understand their desires! What I really want? Where my destiny!? Or it happens that this query actualizarea in the process of therapy. 

the Formation of this request occurs, therefore, the person does not live the life they want, for example: I work in a job just for money, it is neither good nor bad, just for money. I live with a man who chose me, to me he/she didn't like, but so that left, if I had my way I would live with someone else. I want to travel, new discoveries, but 6 in the morning and have to go on boring the work previously having stood in traffic for about an hour. I don't know what I want, it's all good and you have the husband and children and work and friends, but this is why you are not happy, more felts, roofing felts generally are never pleased. 

Here are some such stories can be heard from people who do not know what they want, what is it? Dissatisfaction with the present situation and too strong what a total workload of some unnecessary things. Boring, depressing and very predictable life, which is aimed at maintaining stability, all these obligations which have become a burden and a kind of yoke which has to bear all these people, the work is still maybe something that does not bring any happiness. 

What is the danger of such a life? Constant feeling of unrealized desires, not of past events, often leads to depression and anxiety disorders, panic attacks. The state of hopelessness and some kind of emptiness for a clear understanding, that if I knew what I wanted, but that's for sure! What is my purpose, and developed talent and business would open, but the world would be nose digging for their true desires! 

most Often, it is the children who become victims of narcissistic parents,  the so-called narcisista injury, it is the kids who went to school where said mommy, studied music or dance because daddy loves piano or ballet. This injury is always accompanied by a perfect off pulses of the body, a man hears what he wants to his body, eats there, sleeps where he can like all the same what to go. This happens because parents don't want to listen to the child's wishes and had all their needs simply to turn off, to stop to hear not to respond, to remove like not to have desires of the body. To endure the hunger, beatings, some other abusive technology. And gradually already becoming for adults I have not heard no body no mind, no ability to understand what I want? I do have the right to want something? 

How to figure out what I really want? You have to start small, first to differentiate and fulfill their desires, you want ice cream, eat, go to a restaurant ask what I want-bought, watch movies who want, listen to what you want, wear what I want, And so on the perfect understanding of their primary desires, so learn to listen to yourself, trust yourself! To regain their human rights, often after all that we no longer believe in themselves and most terrible substitute their desires, eat, useful, listen to a popular look-offered, and so forget their true unique personality. 

Listen to your desires, trust yourself and love yourself. 

invite Everyone to your advice. 

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