How to decipher your dream?
actually you don't need any downers. As well as the average temperature in the hospital is not the kind of information that will help you to understand yourself.
a Dream is a message to your subconscious mind. How it to understand? br>
First of all, remember the most vivid fragment of a dream. What characters took part in it? And it is important, both living and inanimate objects.
You take on the role of each of these objects. br>
for Example, you clearly remember the sandy track that runs to the dark forest. Start to speak in the name of this track:
- I have a beautiful and light track... I go different people... Some may spit at me or throw the garbage... It's very sad that I have not kept...
So you can come to your experience in relationships that you find it difficult to see and recognize.
and there may be other text:
- I'm running to the woods, and I want to the sea...I'm short and narrow, and I want to be big and wide...
maybe it will be a message to you:
- I want you to often cleanse me from debris and not allowed to trample everyone. br>
the Next step is the story on behalf of another character about yourself. So, give the word all of you will remember the "heroes" of sleep.
Allow yourself to be spontaneous and honest with myself. br>
the point is that you work with all objects as parts of themselves. The task is to identify ourselves with the pleasant and the unpleasant characters of the dream. It is not always easy: it is quite difficult to recognize themselves as black spider, darkness, evil dwarf from your nightmare. This means to admit that the inside has a dark side. If you are not ready for such a meeting, it is better to stop. Never do what you think is very painful!!! br>
And another important point.
If sleep heavy, unpleasant, You can come up with a new end of the dream, to visualize and browse it. Can introduce a new character who would help you to cope with difficulties and come to a happy end.

This is just one of the ways to analyze a dream. But this will open you the secrets of your subconscious mind and tell me true desires. And what these discoveries do is only your decision! br>
Ahead of the weekend. Pleasant dreams! br>

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