If you are in the beginning of the relationship, it is important to understand your man or do not waste neither his nor other people's time.

We interact with the world on the basis of our experience, thinking, belief. Thinking subjective, that is, what we think doesn't mean it actually is. You need to understand that we can distort the information about a person in one direction or another: to exaggerate its virtues, if the person is our close and sympathetic. Or, conversely, to downplay his good personal qualities. But the choice of partner is very important decision that will affect the course of life and its quality. It has nothing to do with the quest for a manicure or personal counseling.

How to assess a person if thinking can distort the information?

We are a little more than managers, bloggers and citizens of our country. If we could look into our distant past and ancestors to see, not to climb trees, not since they went down, we would have learned. They are not complicated. Needed: a) to survive b) to reproduce, C) to eat. In principle, very similar to today, but they asked the question: is this the man? Whether to start a family? And to give birth to children? Unlikely. They followed their instinctive, deep needs.

Follow your needs

Look carefully at the person whom you are thinking. You like it? His height, smell, weight. His appearance. His movements are. His facial expressions. The way he keeps himself in society. His smile. His laugh. His eyes. The way he eats. Says. The timbre of his voice. Do you like his thoughts? What he says? How to behave with you.

At the time of answering these questions try to turn off your thinking: it can distort the information in favor of “all are married/married”, “then we will understand”, “try it, if you do not like, will not”, “man”, and so on. It is an illusion. Incorrectly assessing the situation, we can lose time, effort, and self-esteem. We can Deplete yourself emotionally.

the Most accurate information you can get only if you gain the courage to look at my other, more ancient entity that is already clearly knows it or isn't it.

As my teacher and psychotherapist: if people somehow don't like it then it only gets worse. It is impossible to get used to the fact that it is unpleasant. The disadvantages of the other not used. Suffer. Some time.

If the person does not like now, pushes, should pay attention to it.

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