Universal practices that help once and for all to deal with their desires, with himself and his life, does not exist.

self-Determination - the process of a lifetime. Interesting, exciting and not always easy. Approach it from different sides, maintaining the position gentle, curious observer. br>
Diary written practices may be one of your good assistants on the path of self-discovery and the creation of a preferred future. And here are a few good questions in the street.

"What do you already know about yourself? What do you feel? What do you think?What makes you you?"

Based on already known the present, look to the past with its resource stories, remember the stories, fix, improve your forces and talents, the implementation of which will bring you joy, pleasure and desired outcomes. br>

"What you loved to do or dreamed of when you were a kid? In adolescence? When you were young? What were your interests? How do you carry out? That to this day causes you passionate enthusiasm?"

Dream, create an inspiring vision of the future, act, try, experiment, test, reality, check the strength of your intentions, plans, dreams. br>
"Imagine and describe in detail your perfect day. What surrounds you? Who is next? What events filled that day? What do you do? How are you feeling? What inspires you?

now look at the present. What are the elements of a perfect day is already present in your life? What can be transferred "from there to here" now or in the foreseeable future? How can you arrange that?"

Identify your natural skills and strengths. Write about them, create history of their emergence and development. Strengthen, enrich ideas about themselves, their values and life principles. They are the Foundation of good life, the source of meaning and motivation.

"How important can be a special skill (the ability) was seen? As it was evolving? That brings into your life, what supports, what helps? What values you can bind this skill? With what objectives, principles, plans for the future are they connected?"

Work with the limiting beliefs. In some cases, for example, if you already have an experience of psychotherapy or productive self-reflection, this work can be done yourself.

And surround yourself with people who share your values, support your interests and aspirations. Be those people for others.

the Most interesting stories start with a clean slate!

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