In past articles I've told how it works, from the point of view of psychology and how to make. Today we are talking about how to make wishes and dreams come true.

At its core, is an artistic decoration purpose. How to work with goals and objectives often described in the business literature, and I will not retell it. I want to draw attention to two important points working with a map of desires and goals.

For that purpose was carried out, it is necessary on them to remember to review, assess, and must take steps closer to the goal. This is the necessary and sufficient conditions.

For implementation, I offer simple tools. Every evening take time to two questions:
1. What I have done today to achieve your goal?
2. What will I do tomorrow to achieve the goal.

And in the morning, when the day begins, give yourself some time to think about what time of day you will do what you need to achieve the goal.

And the second - from time to time look at a map of desires and think whether you really want it. However whether these goals are still important and relevant.

These three steps (questions in the evening, the question in the morning and periodic reconciliation with the course objectives) will allow you to move forward.

However, in fairness, it must be said that some people are this way not that does not work, but causes irritation and rejection. They focus on goals other way, "Although, as practice shows, maps of desire to work without such daily reconciliation of their actions, if they perform another important function – support inner strong "want" for a particular occasion, cause emotional response. When you have a strong desire, you at least think in his direction, and as a maximum fully focus on what you closer to its realization".

Regardless of how you concentrate on desired and how to take steps towards it, a dreamboard can be a great tool in achieving what you dream of.

Osin, Denis
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