We are surrounded by colors. Color affects our mood. And so changing the colors can change the mood.

In different periods of life we prefer different colors.

Young girls love pink and blue. Adult ladies prefer a more restrained colors. Preferences of color, suggests what we have the state of mind and what dreams. Serenity or passion, romance or sadness.

Using color can change the mood by explaining your unconscious what you want. Unconsciously loves the characters and colors and knows their ways.

Try to talk to your unconscious mind using colour.

for Example, think about what you are concerned and worried and tell me what color is this sadness or anxiety. As a rule, aggressive, or dark gray. Imagine this color in front of him. And think, what would you like instead? Instead of anxiety and sadness. Can peace of mind? Tenderness? Decide for yourself.

And imagine that the image of your sad mood, the top begins to pour tenderness or calm( what you are missing) What color is this tenderness? And calm? As a rule, it's a nice color. And watch as these pretty colors, or to displace unpleasant, or mix give a completely different color. And this color should you like.

And now think about how your life will change when there will be new resources. Dream about her. So you show your unconscious what you want. And as if to confirm this, enter the new color of his body where he wants and will feel a surge of strength and energy.

And soon you will notice that your mood begins to change. And not only mood, but also you and your life

color Value.

Green - self-fulfillment, steadiness, perseverance.

Red: will, passion, love, lust for success

Gold - generosity, extraterrestrial spirituality, wisdom

Silver - impartiality, resistance, earth spirituality, smoothness

Pink - dreams, fantasies, romance, tenderness, refinement

Orange - playful, intuitive, friendliness, cheerfulness

Purple - idealization, the pursuit of excellence, sophistication, nostalgia ,intelligence

White - purity, innocence, living space

the Blue - lightness of being, freedom, light-heartedness, sociability

Blue - responsibility, peace, contentment, confidence, goodwill

the Yellow - well being, joy, life, optimism,

Brown - boredom ,melancholy ,concentration

Black - fear, negativity, secrecy, prohibition of

Gray-the desire to be like everyone else, neutrality, stability

Solovyova Larisa
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