How to win in a race against time: 4 exercises


the Development of communications, new types of technology, Internet... Jules Verne would envy our reality, not trapped in his visionary novels. We do not notice how everything is measured by time: how many seconds the car will accelerate to 100 km/h, what is the processor speed of the new gadget. "The theme of the competition inherent in human nature. Perhaps this is one of the bases of the popular setup to be faster, higher, stronger and ahead of everyone. European culture is narcissistic, it is oriented to achieve, so the speed and pace in it — necessary factors", — says the existential psychotherapist Alex Stepanov.

unrestrained speed is negative

many cause irritation to those who lingers, — a careless driver at a traffic light or on the subway, stopped in front of the escalator. We need speed, and we use stimulants. Ten years ago, to see a man with a Cup of coffee on the street was a rarity. Now coffee sold on every corner. Decisions that cost you money, depends on who will receive the information and makes the transaction. Perhaps the man should evolve following the dictates of civilization, to adapt to the new pace and come to terms with the fact that the acceleration inevitable? No, he said. At rampant speed has a downside and negative consequences.

Causes additional stress

"When it comes to human nature, we should not forget about such categories of temperament, we mean features of the dynamics of the nervous system. The pace, the processes of excitation, inhibition, signal transmission, different people have different. And it's genetically determined," says Alex Stepanov. The "fast" people, sanguine and choleric, the high temp won't hurt, and slow, melancholic and phlegmatic, will be an additional stress, and they will suffer.

multi-Tasking leads to procrastination

There are people who do a good job with a dozen tasks simultaneously. And there are those for whom stress is a powerful factor influencing health. Shaft urgent decisions leads them into a stupor. Even if for some time they will, overcoming himself and his natural pace, to tear on itself a shirt will quickly run out of steam. If you press switch from one of the bulbs two to three times a day, and another every second, which one is longer "live"?

Lack of rest reduces efficiency

Often the pace and need something quicker to do in a short period of time reduce the quality of rest. "A well-known phenomenon of depression of the day, when in a normal way a person works all week, but it is necessary to receive a free place and space, he doesn't know what to do. So many of those who do not like weekends and holidays. Our heart is about one third of its activity is at rest. That is why it can work for many years — because it's time to relax. We should take his example".

Pause deliver to more productive activities.

There is a parable. Is the world championship lumberjacks. Two finalists get the plot. For 50 minutes the canadian and Norwegian cut wood, but the canadian heard that the Norwegian stopped. And so every hour: Norwegian 50 minutes of chopping, 10 minutes. The loonie is happy: he did not stay, out, 60 minutes has done more. When the final calculated the cubic capacity of the forest, it turned out that was won by the canadian. How so? "Yet you continued to cut, I sharpened his axe," explained the Norwegian.

"the Pause is what makes for a more productive activities in the intensive period. This parable is about sharpening the tools we use in life. Including our mental tool. Surfing on the network or on the tables of stock exchange securities. But admiring the sunset also important", — the expert concludes.

Four exercises to slow time

to Catch the moments for contemplation

the Complaint that "I am always late or don't have time to do everything you need", quite often in psychotherapy. "This client of mine was very late — by half an hour and a half, — says Alexey Stepanov. — It came to mysticism: it came on time seemed to be had, but there was a subway train or something was happening to her. At some point I asked what she was doing, when he realizes that too late? "I'm not in a hurry. Slower start to go, calm down, look around — dressed women, what a beautiful stucco on the stations on the subway."

the woman in these moments, to notice the world around them. The idea of this "discovery" that you need to specifically set aside time for moments of contemplation — intentionally start to notice clothes, peering into the faces, walks in the Park and watch the sunset or the river flow.

to Make myself 5 minutes to sit down without being distracted by external tasks

it is Very useful during the hustle and bustle, when you begin to stumble and drown in problems, force yourself to sit down and not be distracted. The world will not collapse. Nothing happens when a call comes in while you're at it then do not answer. Only five minutes! The activity feeling that speed and pace are not so important. This understanding is healing, believed Anthony of Sourozh.

jump 5 minutes, do not succumb to internal promises to run somewhere

the same break in 5 minutes, when, on the contrary, there is no urgent task, and their absence is very unusual for us. At this point, it is important not to succumb to the temptation not to jump at the first rush to do something. "Oh, I have to call". Don't! Five minutes of sitting. Stop the rush, hold on. Experience these "slow" for 5 minutes.

Hurry up slowly, making no unnecessary movements

"You ever seen a fussy cat? Even if they play, then don't make any unnecessary throw or jump. They are calm and slow. They go straight". A professional surgeon does not make unnecessary incisions and movements. A cat and a surgeon have something in common — they have a goal which they seek the most efficient way. To help yourself to understand the purpose of the moment would be easier if you ask only three questions: "How do I breathe? What do I feel? What I want to do?"


Alexey Stepanov
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