How wise to allocate time to reach your goals?

We constantly set ourselves new goals. This is especially true before the onset of the new year. But the statistics only 10-12 % of people achieve their goals. We set goals but don't consider our real resources and the extent to which the goal is really ours, and not imposed on us from outside.

Often we make promises to myself that I would DO it, but after 2-3 training sessions, interviews – let it go. Not fulfil... Someone will say, "Well, okay, there is another year," another will say to yourself "I am weak, promised myself and did not" and will blame themselves. There is the basic rule of "If you started, you finish, and if you are not sure that the finish – do not start" Why? Trite. Do not have faith in himself and his promises.

now, distracted. We make plans, set goals, but they never implemented.

There are a lot of reasons. But today I want to talk about time.

Ask yourself:

  • How much time I have, to realize their goal to come to a result?
  • right now, today, this week , how many can allocate the time?
  • will have enough time to achieve results, if I can only spend n amount of time?
  • If you have enough forward, to act and not to forget that discipline is the Foundation of success.

    And if not enough? Surrender? Or maybe it's absolutely not your goal?

    Or consider your day and erase from him the daily "to lie down in front of the TV", "a meaningless festival in the network", "beer with friends"?

    So, if you want to achieve your goal – decide how much you need time to get it, find the time and act. Time is the only irreplaceable resource, it is gone. What are the things that do not benefit you, you must give up in order to dedicate this time to achieve the goal? And every day, never missing a single day, make the case for a few hours. Training, learn languages, work with children, teaching cooking ... the sand – don't let him in vain to sleep through your fingers!

    Knyaz'kina Larissa
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