more than Thirty tricks that will bring you success!

I wrote it as humoresque, but I smart people said that I'm a pretty complete account of the advertising technologies used in the Internet almost everywhere.>
These psychologists well versed in the human psyche and know how to write the advertisement so that it touched the strings of the soul so that man could not overcome the desire to attend the class (master class, training, seminar, webinar, lecture) or sign up for therapy. In General, to bring money.

I looked at the ads in the midst a Facebook group dedicated to psychology, and now can describe in detail the main rules of psychological advertising.

Most Important Rule: All people are idiots. Or, at least, probably more stupid than you. The most primitive trick, performed by a psychologist, will never be recognized by anyone and is bound to work. And if someone is not an idiot, and the client of it>

Quirk # 1. Make the text spread flowers, pick up what morons designers never guess: red on yellow, blue on green or something. From this combination of people will immediately freak out and begin to read advertising. No matter what he'll think about it, he's still an idiot, and beginning to perceive the text will never go away from his hypnotic influence.

Quirk # 2. People are idiots. If you write that the workshop you are welcome, they immediately believe it and thinks that you're popular.

Quirk # 3. it's clear that hall is not elastic, but people are idiots. Write that the number of places is limited, create anxiety: Oh, Oh, suddenly you can not make it?

Trick No. 4., Or Vice versa, write that number of seats is not limited. Kind of mind across a wider call, we will necessarily write.

Quirk # 5. If the audience at your band is still not reached, make it look like the opposite is true, the influx of a giant. Write that there is only two seats. People are idiots, and in a fit feelings of the herd will flock to occupy these two places. They will never understand why they signed up and still two. At the same time it will create the illusion that you are so popular that you have to limit the size of groups. Hurry-hurry!

Quirk # 6. Make even trickier: write what you freed two seats. That is, as if a group of you have always filled to the eyeballs, and the advertising you give just to give them the chance to take the places of those who, by chance, no luck, and they go to your group just because they did something wrong. Poor. People are idiots, and they immediately believe that they suffered a major success, and will rush to sign up. Places must necessarily be two, so that the idiot would bring a friend who is also very lucky.

Quirk # 7. If still no go, try to lower the price. But just writing good, people can think the truth. Email about discounts in honor of any holiday.

Quirk # 8. Connect tricks # 6 and # 7, write that suddenly (never happened, and here again) was released two concessionary places. It's like that to entice the cat fleeing for the corner light laser pointer. People are idiots, they'll never know why it happens every time.

Trick number 9. of the same plan, only for individual therapy. Write what you have released one, only one hour! And are you willing to bless someone naive. Today only! In transit! Only one submission!

Trick No. 10. This is quirk # 7, but tweaks to No. 9. Preferential rates always work. People are idiots, they'll never know.

Trick No. 11. Take a look, if the money does not interest you. You are working hard and the client you need to solely, for example, writing a case (no matter what that means, it sounds solid). And just for that they are ready to descend. And even of the nobility to make allowances for poverty. Something like "For article writing cheap will suit ceilings." People are idiots, and will take it at face value.

Trick No. 12. Psychology in action. Write "Make yourself a present: buy me...". People are idiots, and in my experience the way of freebies, and will not notice what to pay anyway. At the same time they, simple-minded, feel like you're selling something good.

Trick No. 13. Write a few thoughtful paragraphs about a popular issue, and then we go to commercial. People are idiots, they won't notice that read is not a note about the problem, and appeals to give you money.

Trick No. 14. psychology in action. Write something like "Last chance to enroll" or "two days." People are idiots, they think we must hurry, and try not to miss the event.

Trick No. 15. Take a look, if it's not advertising at all. Write how you were good in the last lesson. Naive idiot would be jealous and he would want to go. In the area hint that the next lesson will also be>
Trick No. 16. in addition to No. 15. Write a review on behalf of someone else and cite modestly. People are idiots, they will never suspect you of such Machiavellianism.

Trick No. 17. People are idiots. They may not want to read your unique advertising, and it is necessary to draw their attention to the picture. Click in the top Google search something very upbeat or profound. After all, if the picture is popular, it will fit, right? Photo face "before" or "after" advertising laxative fit perfectly.

Trick No. 18. Be creative. Put a photo of own production. Shrute all who came to you in one corner that looked like a lot of them, tell them a joke and try to click a cell while they again do not get bored. This photo is not better than a professional, I swear. You're talent and believe in yourself, it is much more important photographic equipment and skills to use it. But people are idiots, the difference still can not see.

Trick No. 19. People are still idiots and do not understand that groups need to go. But psychologists know. Be original, open Supervisory group for colleagues. Everyone is doing it. Colleagues are human, right? So, idiots. They must have the impression that you are smarter and more experienced. They supervizorsky group is not open, and you open.

Trick No. 20. Take a look, if you group not fit all. Write "Group for you..."and then something very General. You should not write "Group for those on the upper end of the body head," it's too hard. Better "Group for those wishing to become happier" or something like that. People are idiots, they immediately think: "Bah! Well Yes it is about me!"and will rush to sign up.

Trick No. 21. Take a look, if you are in the group can give what one knows not yet. Paste in the group name, the words "secrets", "wisdom", "secrets", or something like that. People are idiots, will want to learn the secrets and mysteries.

Trick No. 22. Sure to insert some important information: date, time, city, address, or something like that. You climb in PM with questions, and so personal that you contact a potential client will not miss. Either will start a dialogue in the comments that will be APAT of your post.

Trick No. 23. If you have any pompous show — off- diplomas, certificates, experience, name of the Professor from whom you learned, make sure to specify. People are idiots, they may think that you have some other reason to group or therapy, except the desire to make money.

Trick No. 24. Everyone wants to have it all. So promise amazing results in a short time. For example, "Become a charismatic leader for two days!". Idiots — they are idiots. And if someone complains that he didn't proudly declare that he is not good enough and must be>
Trick No. 25. Post ads every day. People are idiots, they have forgotten that I saw her yesterday, and if not forgotten, then would absent-mindedly forget to sign up. You can even add the word "recall", for the most retentive.

Quirk # 26. Very useful to add Vasiliki stupid aunt underway. "Ahh, lyuboff... It is such strength, such power..."

Trick No. 27. do Not specify the price. Idiot because first written, and then ask such insignificant trifles. And best of all even to ask forget it, just take and pay. He's an idiot, money is not able to read. And anyway, your service is for serious people who any amount - ugh. Even to mention there is no need.

Trick No. 28. Tell us what you went to school people like ..., ... and even ... looked. And there were people from ..., ... and even corporations ...! Idiots just think that such people will not cheat, and then you are all fair, well and VIP.

Trick No. 29., you Can casually curse known to colleagues for incompetence, indolence, greed, and all. People are idiots, they'll know you much better.

Trick No. 30. Arrange the lottery. It is necessary to subscribe, like, repost, mentioning two friends. And you one of the idiots let me in for half price. Anyone who will lead, carefully spread your ad all my friends absolutely for free. Well, the idiots.

Trick No. 31. Title text: "any (5, 10, 20...) the most important wisdom (tricks, tips, ideas, ways, etc.) that will forever change your life!". People are idiots, they believe and will go to you to take the money.

Now you know everything you need and can conduct their own workshops to promote psychological training.

Alexander Lebedev
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