I think, for anybody not a secret that life is full of surprises!
What? Well, then, they are surprises that you don't know))

As sometimes unexpectedly happens the other person perceives what we say. Sometimes you can not even imagine! Often, we do not mean that he imagined!)

Or we understand said another. Too, sometimes unexpectedly, other))

Because people often fill said/done by another person your own and it is in this sense and react!

the Inconsistencies are quite discouraging..!
And when this discrepancy and understand the first reace usually confusion. Well, well, surprise!

Which, in turn, can give rise to very different feelings.
There can be frustration, irritation, fear, and resentment...
But it may be of interest and curiosity, joy and fun!:)
different, in General, it happens. It depends on what you think my dear readers? br>
I will suggest that to a large extent our reaction depends on we are yourself relate.


for example, a curious, but very, so to say, a visual is completely different in the sense of understanding the same words in this picture. It is, of course, and funny, but...))

This, of course, applies not only to what was said. And heard. It can affect literally everything.

And here's another example. the
One person (let's call him Bob) starts some action.
And the other ( Peter) expects to continue this activity in familiar the key.
And Bob suddenly (that is, for Peti - suddenly) continues its action on its own. Not as expected Peter.

as a result of a constructive dialogue Vasya Petya comes out.
Well, as to the most constructive dialogue to establish, will have to make efforts from both sides.

For example situation.
Bob, walking towards Peter, begins to raise his right hand.
Peter, waiting for Vasinova handshakes, already preparing to make the Bob a hand shake is also beginning to raise your right hand.
At this point, Bob abruptly leans over and starts to adjust a Shoe-lace.
Peter momentarily freezes with his hand outstretched. Nobody shakes because Bob lace one Shoe.
So what at this point, Pete? Do you think my dear readers?

I Suppose that Petit's first reaction is confusion. Embarrassment.
specialists this condition is called "confusional TRANS".
In General, it is a stereotypical situation with a greeting, usually male environment, suddenly went in a unique way.
I Guess Peter was a natural expectation that they will Bob shake hands.

And here is how the situation may develop?
And the options there can be very different.
it depends on and Petit and Vasey! Both!

Maybe Bob is a "witty" and decided to make fun of Pete, put that in an awkward position. Anything can happen. Well we do not know what kind of people Bob and Peter. And what's their relationship.

But, alternatively, Bob really could have untied the lace at the wrong time.
And then, zavazava it, Bob straightened up and greeted Pete with a one minute delay, and all laughed over the incident with curiosity.
that Is, if Peter did not take offense and is not removed defiantly hands in his pockets.

what I'm getting at, my dear readers?
To the fact that our expectations sometimes play us a bad joke.
of Course, it is impossible to get rid of the expectations at all.
we all Have their own ideas about how it happens and how it happens. Or as it should be and as should not. And matching this expectation.
And naturally, we are internally configured that going to be the way we used that it is.
But it is so... how shall I say... not always. Because people are different and circumstances are different.

Well, for example, could have met Peter on a surprise for him the action is washi?
And what his reaction might depend?

So no matter how behaved a Bob, a basic question - how Peter felt in the moment of embarrassment? And I shouldn't have highlighted and underlined.

Because if Peter was confident that he, Peter, is a good thing and he appreciates and respects, then that would make Bob this will not be seen by Peter as the fact that he, Peter, something's wrong.
How curious situation - Yes, maybe. With the appropriate attitude, as a curiosity and nothing more. That is, Peter will not take Vasino "strange" behavior on your account and look for a "shanice".

But if Peter somewhere deep down (even subconsciously) expects trick from others, because it refers to itself, relatively speaking, skeptical, "strange" behavior Vasino will confirm that with him, Petya, something is wrong.
And then it is easy to be offended. Or to get upset. Or how else to feel humiliated. And angry.

it is Clear that sudden unexpected strife.
But if it's not something absolutely extraordinary, something possible after the initial confusion ask yourself the question -
"what can I take from this unexpected turn?"
Because it often happens that we are in a hectic routine go on the same hackneyed route and don't notice a lot of interesting and useful and sometimes hilarious))
Just because I used to limit myself. br>
But just can afford more visible and make their own little discoveries))

I thank you for your attention!
And if you want, I'd be happy to help you find new things in yourself and around:)
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Galina V.
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