How to understand that you are a victim of the manipulator? 

did you know that the manipulations are the easiest to give people with unstable or low self-esteem, lack of confidence, increased criticality? 

When you're trying to disrupt, provoke, put pressure on the pity,  tone of voice, causing fear or anger — it is easy to lose emotional balance and, therefore, to fall under foreign influence. 

have you ever had a feeling of discomfort after intercourse with any man? Feelings of annoyance, regret, anger? Perhaps you have been manipulated.

customers Often come - young girls and sometimes adults held men and they can't figure out what is going on with them — their “storm” in the relationship.

And I understand that most likely they fell into the trap of the classic paddle and can't see it being inside the situation.

handling can have a different purpose and is used not only in personal life to benefit from you: sex, to breed for money, gift, free service  etc.

Or is it the seduction in order to entertain feelings, raise self-esteem, to prove something through you.

But maybe this person just doesn't know how else to build a relationship, there is a personality type, people have such behaviour and does not necessarily mean that they specifically learned in the courses of charge and so on. They just can't otherwise.

Often manipulators are good marketers, PR-specialists and sellers.

 They know what people need, what their weakness and how to approach.

In any case, there's good news: if you are trying to manipulate, that means you got something, something valuable and  interesting.

Specific signs that you're a victim of the manipulator:

1— used emotional pendulum: hot then cold, then close it cold,  that let a man, then ignore.

2— physical contact: light touch stroking at the first meeting, in parallel with talks on the exciting, stimulating topics. This techniques NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) cause you to have an Association with pleasant feelings and then simply touch it to remember it.

3—manipulators often can you is easy to make, to seduce, for example, sending provocative photos, but just to warm up your passion.

4— often they can together for you to incite  ADVENTURE, crazy, break the rules. Adrenaline rolls over, a great motivator especially if you are a gentleman and used to be a good boy or girl, such differences are recorded in the psyche.

5— active PRAISE, which even smacks of flattery. When you understand that «cubes» you are still far away, and the girl says you're strong, slender and well take care of yourself.

Or praises your “opalek” in the Lithuanian rooms like this latest Mercedes model.

6— or this kind of manipulation, when she  pretends to be an incompetent fool, a fool, 

praises: “you're probably better versed in the technique, can you fix my computer??”; “I got in an accident, and you have one HUNDRED very good wizard. So afraid that I will cheat — can fix at home?".....of course, free of charge.

7— this technique as a sharp change of plans: agreed to meet and at the last moment the man was gone, not picking up and not come, then call as if nothing had happened.

8— it happens that around the manipulator creates a artificial boom, fueling your interest, like threatening  shortfall in its communication. It's easy to join in the race with the other imaginary members, but check out this quite difficult.

9— COMPARISON : “look at that bunch of flowers they have on the table!”; “and my friend the guy with the penthouse in the center, he bought!”.  Such comparison may make you feel uncomfortable in a bad light.

10— the IRONY, the SARCASM, the DEPRECIATION is reflected in the constant banter, the provocations, the pressure on the sore spots: «and you weak?!”; “here,  Jack is such a man, and you...?”.

11— common manipulation on feelings of GUILT or resentment: "..I waited for you”; “I am so sorry that you have to...". Such techniques assume the communication to start with claim, obviously on the presumption of your guilt. 

12— the abrupt change of subject, ignoring the questions, artificial displacement of the dispute, 

the absence of facts: “so what!”; “anyway...”; “we now not about it!”; “do something!”.  Interestingly, the same phrase should be used sometimes against the paddle, but that will be another article.

13—SILENCE with a strange expression, that is, ignore: was a cordial meeting, then you write or call, and there is silence and ignore for a few days. You start to look for their shortcomings and errors.

14—.. “if you love me”; “you're the man!”.

15—the manipulation of EXPECTATIONS: “ what about our plans about the trip to the sea?”; “and I thought to go to the theater together, already have the tickets booked..”; “when are you going to get married?!”; “I want a family with you and children”. That is the promise that like to throw the bait, keep you on the hook. These sweet tempting hope be a trap.

it is Important not to cross the line and do not take things literally, because the relationships are not always based on manipulation. 

These techniques  sooner or later cease to work if people communicate more and spend a lot of time together, they find it difficult to pretend to control everything and try to look better, it's a great strain. Sooner or later, hopes shatter, and then there may come a disappointment.

Depends on what goals you are pursuing. If it's short term benefits is one thing, but if it's a run and you like this person, then you should consider the nature and way of building relationships.

it is Therefore important to learn how to be you, if you want to care or help in something, this is sincere, then don't forget that you can use, do it for yourself first, because it is your desire and you enjoy it.

Even if you're the girl who hooked on the wingman, and he used you on the first date and not call her, do not just try on the position of the victim in the end, he loved you and you've also got the pleasure of communicating or sex.

and if not, and the sex was “fountain”, then why to regret that he didn't call.

If you are able to maintain composure, love and respect yourself, the manipulator will be much harder for you to influence.

Confidence — the best antidote to manipulation.

If you are in a strange relationship and can't deal with you or not, if you don't know what to do and how to behave with any man — all the better to analyze and develop your personal action plan.

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