each of us has the opportunity to earn extra money (in addition to the main place of work).

  • many Simply either don't know where they start or can not dare to take the first step.

Today we will talk about one of the simplest options. Try, for sure You have to use it!

Is earning money with the help of websites like "Craigslist".

On these sites are announcements of private persons on the sale of various "differences". The result is something like an online flea market where anyone can sell their stuff (or offer services), and quickly get money for them (if there is an interested buyer).

What you need to do to earn money with the help of "Avito":

1) You need an inventory of their belongings and determine unnecessary that you do not plan to use more;

2) Assess which of the unnecessary things can be sold and estimate the amount for which you will be able to do (i.e. whether to bother to try even though it makes sense);

3) Lay out ads on "Craigslist" (and other sites) and sell things. You have in your hands the money ends up.

So You get a double benefit: 1) get money and 2) get rid of unnecessary things that take up space and clutter up your apartment, garage or cottage.

Such simple solutions to fast earning of money quite a lot.

except that many people do not see them (or are too lazy/hesitant to implement them).

Important! If you want to get more money, for this you need to do something.

there's Always the temptation to get hooked on the esoteric methods of attracting untold wealth, because they do not involve any active action.

  • Just read the right books, perform the rituals described, furnish apartment for Feng Shui grow the money tree or do anything else "magic".
  • And wait until your side will stream a cash fountain.
  • However, in reality it is not working, otherwise the rich would long ago have become all loafers and idlers.

Total for all the rich and successful people trait — they did not give up when something did not work. They learned from their mistakes and moved on, to the desired result.

Perhaps this is precisely the magic you are looking for fans of esotericism, astrology and such "magic magic"?


  1. There are many available opportunities for all — for example, selling their belongings on Craigslist.
  2. Important point that you need to always remember — money doesn't just appear out of nowhere, their appearance should make an effort.
  3. the Most effective "magic" are your persistence, learning, and a willingness to make mistakes (because it is not wrong only the one who meditates on the couch and does nothing).


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Stuart McPhee
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