Imagine a humpback elephant. A kind of large, awkward, thick-skinned giant, carrying logs under the harsh control of the driver. Unfortunate suffers humiliation and harassment, ridicule and coercion, "rotten" for his uncle. Without much profit and pleasure.

And close in the Royal stables in bliss and love live beautiful Arabian horses. Pedestrians always give way to them. And even the stern pursuer respectfully bows at the meeting, not the horses, not the magnificent ones, if the past moves of the Royal cavalcade. No one ever dared bad word to say about the sleek horses. Hay they have selected, bathing daily, hooves gilded horseshoes sparkle. The staff care for them a special, kind and Yes, generous.
See this glaring injustice humpback elephant, suffering, jealous. And his fate is experiencing heavy bitter. Ah, if only to move to work in the stables, too, he would have shown itself in all its glory! Hardier and more tolerant than humpback elephant would not be a single living being in the whole huge house! And the neighing of any of the cats will more than cover the tube to elephant voice! And any rider would love to be on top. At such a height that ungulates and never dreamed of! Yes, and horseshoes will not have to spend!
if Only to the stables to get to, and life would acquire an entirely different kettle of fish!

Anything the situation not like? We humans often think that it is enough to go to another job, get a promotion and a raise in "salary", to change her husband, to wait until the kids grow up, buy expensive clothes, move to another area of the city... and life will immediately change for the better, become calmer, happier, nicer, calmer life... will Disappear from life's stresses, problems and ailments, will start white strip with all its amenities and especially a different quality of existence.

Now back with a giant hump-backed and mentally transport him to the Royal stables. Lucky grey. On a whim, the rich court officials bought it from the stern of the driver and handed over to the gentle hands of a groom, saddle and gave the harness has allocated the stall. It would seem that all we dreamed of – come true. But suddenly it turned out that the saddle on the hump does not hold, a narrow stall, bridle hurt, and trot, gallop, and amble - exhaust the body and soul. And hay is not as tasty as the leaves and branches of trees, and feed the starving.
But the worst happens on the road. As soon as the cavalcade appears outside the castle, there was a friendly laughter of the townspeople. Only lazy pokes at the elephant with your finger.

So what's the problem? Why the long-awaited happiness has not come with the changes?
Yes, just a change of circumstances does not make the elephant Arabian horses and does not deprive his size, thick skin, food preferences and hump! The trouble is that the humpback elephant remained with Elephanta deformation of the spine!

Morality still comparisons is that – wherever we went, we can't get away from yourself! And it should be understood, hoping to make their lives happier. No matter where we ran, what changes have you never dreamed would, itself, will we take with us! A whole load of problems, unresolved issues, situations unthought, unexamined traumas, misperceptions and attitudes we carry with a "bright future". Once in the stables, we'll stay > elephants!

But despair no reason! Because the only way from misery to joy is always open! Don't change the world, change yourself and your attitude! And then "the world will cave in under You", as sung in the famous song. The hunchback and elephant may well be happy Bareback and allure! For those seeking happiness through even the specialists are trained psychologists are called.
Professionals know exactly what to be "hooked elephant", the big human happiness!
I sincerely wish each bbe happy in any skin and in any role!

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With love and respect, the healer of souls I. G. Bechtel

Bechtel Irina
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