each person has its own settings and rules, which he enjoys in life. It just so happens that most people are, to put it mildly, are not similar. The reasons are in personality and in how he was raised. In addition, do not forget that each of us in a certain period of time is corresponding to the situation of social role.

Every person in varying degrees, believes that his system of rules is the most correct. And all the restrictions and prohibitions contained in this system should automatically spread to the others.

as an example: if the person is not late for work, respectively, from their colleagues, he will expect the same. If for some reason these people do not meet the expectations of man(late), he begins to feel resentment, and then anger. Based on the fact that he is like themselves can not afford, because of their own rules, but they can behave. And if they do not demonstrate guilt for their actions, the reaction to such behavior, others will have very negative person.

most people are angry that they can not afford because of internal rules. And adds to this outrage the fact that someone can afford such a behavior is very easy. (I do not mean any illegal actions).

Moreover, this is most clearly seen when the person observes someone else's failure to comply with the social role. Of course, such a reaction to be called positive only with very big stretch, because it clearly shows that the person puts their rules higher than the criteria of other people. Often the cause may be that some of the beliefs of the person perceived themselves only as limits, to violate which is impermissible.

a Solution is to change the perspective on the situation and on the position of man in it. For example: if our colleagues are late, the person has additional time to prepare for the workflow, or just grab a Cup of coffee. In other words, you can try to find a positive moment in this situation.

Paying more attention on themselves and not on other ceased to condemn, the person may feel more confident and more comfortable.

Live with joy! Anton Black.

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Anton Yurievich
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