I can not be beat!


Sanya came to kindergarten in a year and ten months. Calm boy. A little "frozen." At first, he did not cry and did not laugh. Then started crying when it was bad. After began to smile. But sat himself on the bench. In the summer I came and waved his hand: "hi, Sasha" . He smiled, waved in response. Recently started playing with the children, run, have fun. Currently dosed.

Sanya – little angel. He never hurts children. Not beats them. Very good-natured.

But Andrew loves to get angry and pour my anger on other kids with his fists. Frowned angry face will make perfect "macnet".

Andrew had taken his anger out on Sanka to bring down. Other delivery give.

Again his mother in the garden led, and an older brother with the house guests left. Andrew was very angry at this. On the street walked up to Sanka calmly sitting on the bench and pushed him, hit the bench. Sasha cried, but date not given.

Another time Andrew climbed to fight with the other boy received the return. Annoyed, walked up to Sanka calmly sitting on a chair and ka-a-a-K slapped him in the face. Our little angel, who is six months younger, began to cry again. I walked over, took pity on Sasha and they say: "Show your fist and say: "I can not be beat!!!" and demonstrated how to do it. Sanya me several times repeated.

Andrew frowned, but retreated. For him, of course, also meant certain words and the child must learn to control their aggression, to place it in an adequate way, to find out the reasons of such behavior through counseling of parents, but now it's not about Andrew but about Sanya.

why I asked the boy to show his fist and loudly say: "I can not be beat!!!"?

the child is first realized for myself: "do that to me you can not!" outlined its borders. Approaching the age of first separation. And to another showed, "I cannot be beaten".
Many parents are taught to "fight back" slightly and, without going into details, what's really going on. However, they themselves can break the boundaries of his child, he absorbs it as the norm and unconsciously broadcast to others: "I can."

of Course, first, it is in any case does not justify the aggressors, who are looking for weaknesses in others and hurt those who did nothing wrong.

second, we're not talking about Sanya. He is still small. And maybe three years of that complete his good nature will end and he will be able to stop the aggressor.

Therefore, it is important to show children and teach how not to deal with them, how not to treat others, how to build communication, understand and respect their interests and the interests of others.

And then the aggression of the other child firmly say: "you can't do this!". And will understand that and others is wrong too.

And finally a bit of humor (which is a bit of humor, everything else is true):

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