horror Movies are filled with scenes of violence and bloody scenes, traditionally become leaders of hire. In the evening to watch action, horror or psychological Thriller like the representatives of all social and age groups: students, respectable family men, Housewives and pensioners. Why do they like to look at scenes of bloodshed, then tortured and killed them like that. Is it normal this behavior or it is a sign of deviation from the norm?

experienced by the audience of horror movies?

Most psychologists believe that people who prefer action movies or movies in the horror genre, actually is not going to kill someone and not even think about it. Watching the scenes of violence, experiencing stress and fear, from which grows cold in his head, he gets the emotions, which he lacks in real life.

the Modern citizen is often no place to vent some of his baser emotions. These feelings of supernatural horror and the inevitable retribution which might be missing in life, he finds in horror movies. Adrenaline excites the blood and even uplifting.

Cruelty irresistibly attracted spectators at all times. For many centuries the execution of criminals was carried out in the main square of the city surrounded by many onlookers. People came to look at the human suffering and death, and the main thought that appeared in their mind, was this: “Good thing it was not me”. Seeing that punished someone else, the average person feels relieved that someone has already been punished. So he himself is not threatened.

In the modern world executions, especially public, has almost disappeared, but the primitive desire in people remains the same. The audience, as before, in need of spectacles, and today my need for bloody scenes she meets movies and stories crime news, where the blood is flowing. Subconsciously, people looking for traces of the real or imagined death, at the same time fearing it.

Normal one who likes to watch violent scenes?

No need to be afraid that people enthusiastically looking horror and action films, has the tendencies of a killer or rapist. In the character of every individual there is cruelty and tendency to aggression, which he suppresses. But to hold back – it's too bad. When watching violent scenes reset the accumulated tension. Watching a movie like this, a man or woman will no longer vent his anger or frustration on family members.

the Movies where people are dying, forcing many of us to think about our life and about its transience. It is possible that someone new will look at their behavior and lifestyle.

At the same time be remembered that all this applies only to adults with an established mind and a clear understanding of morality. Children like to watch movies is highly undesirable, as it can lead to deviant behavior.

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