Request among my clients quite often. Often these women can really get everything from life and not once received in other areas. Often these women are quite accomplished and have achieved everything. Not accustomed to listen to the words of failure and not accustomed to the no-win, and I do not understand what does the word – lose. Almost always seeing myself from the outside and amazingly believe in what they are weak and delicate. Possible – a gentle but weak?

so What prevents the woman to the man, or at least the whole???

If you think “the idea" in principle, it is a very get the and beloved on the planet in all its glory and in all his high-Majesty man. But not until the end.

Why, when it comes in attempts to retrieve the men as a whole, or rather in the direction of the “and they lived long and happily for many years, the question so simply does not dare?

the Walking man walks, seemingly not refused, and the result – zero! The question is. What result does a woman want? As already tried to explain above – romantic love, of devotion, of constancy, of loyalty, of responsibility.

That is what it turns out that we are already talking about building a harmonious relationship. About a possible marriage and even birth of children. But…

But. When such persistent cries out the word I WANT, it has all the same smacks of some intimacy, passion, turbulent emotions, feelings of flight and beautiful butterflies in the belly that can speak either about the beginning of love, where all these signs are appropriate, either on a long-term dependent relationships who are not afraid of blunting of emotions, power of passion, and many will confirm that after a good sex scandal is usually even sweeter.

So not wanting the man really want? Not to think about it? Not to see him in your dreams? To meet ever in life, and consider big mistake?

May still not?!

once heard a story of a Caucasian woman my age. “Lena, we are still not all free. And when I was younger, I was very much in love with the guy and did not give my relatives married me. My husband loved me and still loves, is good. All is good and nothing to be sorry about, but for some reason often regret that the youth you can't spend the way you want. For example, to date someone who really, really like it”.

What to do with a passionate love object with which nothing develops? To consider it a mistake, or continue to wait for the result next? A mistake unlikely, you can just take the amazing opportunity of the 21st century to at least temporarily give a woman what she really wants. And to find, when ripe is something more serious to build long-term relationships.

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