I want that my husband was a good father


hi friends. I'm sure every woman dreams that her husband was a good father . How to do it ? The answer is very simple my best not to interfere !!! Let man the opportunity to enter into a role , Yes, maybe he will make mistakes ,but excuse me who does not allow ? leave the baby alone with the father ,while they themselves enjoy a rest ! send a father and a child for a walk in the Park etc give them the opportunity to know each other TRUST your loved one .Don't forget to praise her husband for his success in communicating with the child . what a sensitive look at what a good example you're setting for our son or daughter I'm glad that you're my husband and the father of my child, etc.

If you are here to become the parents do not expect that on the first day of discharge from the family home your husband KINETICA to feed, to swaddle, etc. he needs to take to realize as well as mother that she now has a child ,but alas, we women time to lose is not so much its almost all there (.

If your husband continues to stay away, ask yourself if I do not pull the blanket? not do I didn't mean the two roles from mom and dad? Start to do everything together, plug it in. Please don't allow the state itself is itself is itself , and then exhausted, tired out, leaving the child to her husband with the words all now it's your turn I'm tired I need shatter , your husband will be in shock and the child will not understand what it is .Configure the correct wave .

There are couples who are anxious to attend special courses ,read certain literature ,it is commendable in our modern time, we have full access to any information.

Yes, unfortunately, there are pairs I can't not to mention that who live without love without understanding and together just because it happened it so happened that a woman got pregnant,someone heart burn at the sight of the child and they live for him, give him love,but it rarely happens that although my opinion need to give birth to children in love, not even in wealth ,and in love .But life does not ask what opinion you get a different fate.

I will Say this, the lion's share of the weather in the house depends on the woman.... to be flexible is wise. Rested .This is important on sleepy head little can be made useful.

But that's a topic for another article ....

Julia Babina
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