I want to be with someone who is no longer needed


Woman sometimes unconsciously rejects the man who might be stable and clear relationship.

Why do they do it?

my client was, in her words, super man: and gave gifts, gentle, caring, understanding, kind, nice, wanted a family, etc.

But she couldn't help him in any way you choose and did not want him sexually, not seen him her husband. Although my head knew that it is ideal for family life.

a Client for 27 years and , in principle, she says she is ready for family and serious relationship ( she was not , she all the good men have rejected it , and reached out to those who don't need it).

So, back to that man. What she really does not fit?

delving into a Bit of therapy, we came to a difficult test that stands before man. And it sounds like this: if he chooses me, then he isn't worried about what his family. And why would I want such a husband? asks client.

In her opinion, she's a bad wife and mother. In the fantasies. And this set came of course from childhood. She considers her mother a bad wife and mother. And is afraid that her script will be included in her family life. And man, if he does not see, so not smart enough or bad knows. Why her stupid husband ?

Here's a paradox and a vicious circle. She is sure that it is bad. Therefore, it stretches to men , who allegedly knew about her , that she will not do, namely get married, and run away from it at first. Although, I'm sure they run away for very different reasons.

That's it. As if there is something unbearable for girls in man, that he is good.

She wants to be more dependent on men than it is from it, to be unworthy of it .

It made even the phrase " the Man who wants a serious relationship - crazy."

And she's mad for a good man, telling him: "I want to be a doormat in the relationship. Don't take this role." Angry over it.

the Paradox is that she wanted him after he found another girl.

Here and so too happens. Surprisingly - Yes. Interesting - Yes. Sad - a little. Thank you for your attention.

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Alexander Smirnov
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