once under one of my articles on the website B17 one man wrote, "a Woman sometimes needs to show that she is weak. And she is not afraid, men like it". Why to appear weak? Why not allow yourself to BE weak, at least for a while?
Today I had a clear understanding of "we Must not appear weak, and allow yourself to be weak". "What is the strength, sister?" "In weakness, sister." Something like...
This is not about weakness, which "Oh, I'm such a weak, feeble. Come and make me, decide for me. And in General I'm a girl, and girls are known to blow lips and do not want to solve."

afford to BE weak about something, to stop wishful thinking. To stop playing the role of a woman, "I myself". Stop pretending that only higher and steeper than mount Everest. This is a very weak position when we're pretending to be strong. Life is not like "tough" and tries to push the presumptuous from the pedestal.
all my life I was "strong". Worked in the men's team and prove that I'm not worse than men, and something even stronger.
the family immediately and permanently took the position of "commander in chief". And so fused with the role that leaving her had slowly and painfully.

With a mask of "I myself" live many women. So no one guessed, no doubt, that in fact they are weak, vulnerable and not committed. The Cult of perfection is imposed on us from all sides - the perfect family, the perfect job. Perfect even eyebrows.

How to allow themselves and others to see the ugly side of his own weakness, if other women "millions of gates" and at the same time give birth to five children? I want somehow to meet them. I want to keep everything under control. You want to be successful. And so on. All these "want to be" really conceal only one thing - actually we are weak and losers. We feel imperfect, but I don't want to show it to others. That's why the woman wears the mask of a "strong and self-sufficient." br>
Look at my client, a young, pretty girl and goose bumps running through my body - "she looks just Like me in my youth!" She, like I , put on the mask "I. I am strong". She is the one. Why "strong" woman is a man?! But in her heart lives the need to love, to be loved. Her mask "unavailable" woman says the opposite - "Not very much and wanted!" Men it is "not very much and wanted to" read and not approaching.
Maybe, dear sisters), you still single for the same reason - want of love, but at the same time declare to the world that you alone okay?!

And if so, it may be wise to abandon the idea that "Not really wanted"?

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Olga Fedoseeva
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