I really understood the people who can't find the love of their parents. Look in yourself, in the space that hangs in the search, afraid of themselves, confused, afraid to say out loud: "we can't have the same mother".

On the body of the corset, and as a consequence - the lack of contact with their own feelings, how painful it puts pressure in different places, in different areas of life. There would be time to breathe just to maintain existence.

I'm good, I have to be for her. I hate her for it!

Slowly begin to unbutton her corset and she slowly discovers himself, his own desires, your own feelings and thoughts. She sees herself and her body, she breathes freely, she already wants to live differently. And this life energy gives us the power to love, to feel and to be grateful for.

-Mommy, I love you!

-And in what way?

Such a parent will never be satisfied whatever you do. He needs acceptance and wearing it on the handles so he could a good cry coming on and zakapriznichal. And you can re-tighten your seatbelts and join in the endless circle in an attempt to shove myself back into the corset of a "good girl" to please my mom. To prove that love. And then anger and helplessness, disappointment, devastation. And knowing that you will never be able to get the mother's acceptance and love. The pain and bitterness. The realization that the one that would like juice to nourish you with love, every time poison in an attempt to get closer, and only herself is a victim of their needs.

And then she, once, catches herself in the same brand position in relations with partner, demanding and pursuing, knowing exactly how we are to love. And gives air and freedom in this relationship, which for some reason "does not add up".

Ah, mother, if only you could love me either. If only you could see me, free me from my own expectations.

Hard to be a child, though, and for adults, mom or dad who loves only "if". And if not, his doors are closed for you, communication is terminated, and happy birthday will do the same. You're not for me, because you're not like I want.

to Find themselves for themselves is much more difficult than to be what you want to see. This is the path of pain, long and costly. This is the way therapy.

Nadezhda Belyakova
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