How often we want to believe in miracles, but why not believe? How often we look for these miracles in my life – but why not find out? How much sometimes I want to say to each other – but why not speak? How many words unsaid? Why do we always want what we don't have? Why our time runs faster than our ancestors?

Why constantly are we missing this time? Why we don't have time to live? Why youth is so fleeting, but old age seems like an eternity? Why do we rush to condemn, but not in a hurry to understand? Why, we begin to appreciate only when we lose it? Why are we running away of aproblem, but not solving it?

And you thought at least one of these questions?...

If Yes, then we have not completely lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life!

I want us to never forget, first of all, to be human!
As well, when nothing hurts! Think about it, if you do now is not sick – it's been great! And we completely forget! Our time flies and we are trying to catch up to him, and sometimes even to overtake! But we do not notice that it is not live at the moment. And that the happiest moments pass us by. And I just stop! Remember how in the cartoon, the train from Romashkino said that if we don't stop for one minute we'll be late for life?! Just the main thing in the journey is the destination, the main thing is the journey itself!

We live not tomorrow and not yesterday – we live here and now! Because only here and now you can be happy! No need to wait for good weather or to remember past happiness – be happy today – at this very moment! And take from each moment, each moment of our lives. No need to wait for an occasion – make a holiday that day!

And enjoy all possible pleasures! Tell someone you love magical words today, now, immediately, this very second! If You are a long time to like someone, don't wait – go to this man and tell all! Don't let timidity and the courage to ruin your life. Build your resnicami! Let the happiness you will find not at once, but who says that sooner or later will hear! And the happy moment will come much earlier than you will have time to submit!

We were in a hurry and was in a hurry to live, and in turn not have time to do! It's time to stop, and finally start to manage your life and do not give a chance to the time control you!

Look around, take a look: first flowers have appeared, clean and so blue skies, trees dressed in wedding outfits, dropped the first sparkling snow or again come spring! How many things in the world as beautiful as a lot of us to see! This same felicitaros to see all this beauty! Ah... spring... you are wonderful! And cartagenia – beautiful, like the spring! And regardless of the time of year, be it autumn or winter – let the soul will always be youth and spring!

How many beautiful and wonderful all around! How many interesting and curious! Do not save themselves – and wisely waste! As soon as possible, sign up for interesting courses, learn a new program or start to learn a new language! Like to sew? Try yourself in the clothing business! Like to paint? Try it! Like to write? Write! And love to sing – sing! Except that in life You do not will need, you will get a lot of positive emotions and big charge of energy, a lot of fun and satisfaction with themselves, and besides - a good potreniruetes memory! Which in turn will not allow your body to dry out. After all, we live only when enjoying something favorite! Therefore, love yourself, you delight yourself and your family, give yourself and others the joy and our life will be much more beautiful!

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