a Move, divorce, loss, age - related changes- often coming up with an identity crisis. The process, when I die old, a new born, and between new and old - the uncertainty.

to Sustain the uncertainty that has the problem. This is an area which cannot be controlled. To cope with their own fear and helplessness, the mind tends to form, which will become a temporary substitute.

Form 1. DISEASE.
Illness provides certainty and the ability to do something. Treatment - symbolic crisis management, which helps to cope with impotence.

“Man, 45 years old, going through a divorce, which was a surprise to him. During the events of his inflamed prostate. In the consultations it appears that the divorce hit to the perception of oneself as men. The disease becomes a form of his experiences, and the treatment - way of dealing with the crisis in the hope of acquiring integrity and value.

Form 2. The DESIGN of the BODY
Plastic, sports with the aim to form the shape, false eyelashes, etc - all intended to create a private image, which in the period of crisis is in a diffuse state. The reward a person receives in the mirror as evidence proving his identity. I=my body. If it is consistent with the concept, then a person perceives himself holistic.

“Woman over 50 systematically makes lifting, pushing feelings of impending old age”

Form 3. STYLE
To experiment with their own image (new hairstyle, clothing style) is sometimes resorted to in the hope of accelerating a painful period of transformation. However, if the new image corresponds to the contexts of life, views of man about what he wants to be, but is not the same as its internal state, the image will be cut off.

“After the call to the stylist in women 5 new (matching her appearance and queries) sets of clothes that she was not able to incorporate in my life”

these forms help to cope with emotions and adding to the life of certainty on the level of symbolism with what is happening. However, if actions are directed not to finding a new I, and the residence complex of feelings, then the person is a new identity, get a frozen still image of myself for many years and the illusion that he dealt with the crisis.

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