Identity crisis or where the homeland begins

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Participating in various civic initiatives, I came to the conclusion that after the event the role of the citizen was activated and came out from behind the scenes on the stage.

In my childhood I was all clear. The surrounding world offered a clear and specific message – "broad is my native land", "fraternal peoples", "people and the party United", "the winner-country is to oppose an evil and dishonest capitalists." Here under my feet the land of my birth to protect as it was described in the book "Pioneers – heroes".

In the 11 years I was surprised to learn about the referendum and the creation of the Ukrainian state. And my illusion about the world began to crumble. History lessons some of the characters were replaced by others. It turned out that under the leadership of the great leaders was organized famines in Ukraine. A fraternal assistance to Afghanistan was the latest attempt to show the power of the Soviet Union.

because Of the double moral standards, faith in people is lost. On an unconscious level, there is wariness and distrust. The result is sad - truly human values and meanings have become in short supply and devalued. Successful the one who stole and killed. The result came to power kleptocrats.

Since then, a core value which was declared, was the wealth. Nikita Mikhalkov's film "hide and seek" is a perfect sketch of new Russian values: money and power.

At the micro level independence is psychotherapy through public events

This schizophrenic resplendent experienced the last four or five generations. To love their country? This is for losers and romantics.

But in the days of Maidan, I believe in the new Man, to the Ukrainian nation. His eyes saw were the people after the announcement of the sniper shooting of protesters. Flocked streams into the river. Like a broken paving stone and grew a new barricade.

the Therapist in me sees a clear connection between the Maidan and what is happening in the soul of each of us. After independence - this is the part of our soul, which is opposed to "stagnation", mental cans, trying to combat unnecessary, musty, familiar. Emotional independence is the path to new heights, the unusual actions of love for ourselves and others. In the internal space of the Maidan is a place-based identity - mission and values. At the micro level independence is psychotherapy through public events. This is a lesson of Freedom, of Humanity, of Sacrifice.

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Frederick Perls, one of the founding fathers of gestalttherapie, in the book "Experiments of psychology of self-discovery" offers an experiment - write maximum number of answers to the question: "I am...". This is a question on the definition of identity. Like to use this exercise, it reveals the role a range of identity, shows the major and minor roles. Not remember a case that someone wrote – "I am a citizen of Ukraine". Usually write the familiar role of "I'm a man," "I am the Manager".

Participating in various civic initiatives, I came to the conclusion that after the event the role of the citizen was activated and came out from behind the scenes on the stage.

Functions of the role of "Citizen"

the Willingness to give their energy, time, money, health and, in extreme cases, life, in the name of society of the country. Responsibility for what is happening in the country, city, family, personal changes. Concern about his welfare and the welfare of one's neighbor. A conscious choice in favor of law and order. As to the point of a joke someone from the Internet users - "My business, meet the first enemy". The maximum incarnation of this role, a Ukrainian Hero! Maybe it can become a national idea, because to defeat a nation of heroes impossible.

the Antithesis of the role of the Citizen

Consumerism. Infantilism, which involves sweet to eat and sleep. This person is easy to manage, it is very dependent on the comfort zone. He thinks in terms of his desires. It is ruled by His Majesty Pleasure. Innocence is a main keynote of his attitude to public life. There was little warmth and love. Promoting the role of the consumer in modern society - this strategy is used in the information war with the people. On this is built the modern economy and politics. The man attached to the trough, it is easier to control.

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the Basic tenet of existential psychology says that Man is free and responsible. He is the Creator, making every second a choice to spend or save their physical and spiritual energy. If this man has some contacts, which he can follow: the first instance – the conscience, the second faith, the third is the dream.

My dream is that in our country people consciously chose to be citizens of Ukraine.

Maybe I'm overly romanticizing the change in personality and society. But I want to recall the words of Goethe: "If we consider man as he is we make him worse than he is. But if we look at it the way it should be, we give him to become what he could become."

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