If a friend was suddenly. Strategy for victory in information war

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Everyone in different places trying your values to push. To convince, to persuade, to znacilnosti, outrage over the opinion, an ideal, a dream. What should I do? How to find what unites us?

act one. Pathetic-psychological.

We're the game and to sit. A lot of divorced around wanting to invoke in our minds a variety of emotions - trembling creature, having the right. Information thrown at us every Arkan who is not handy, slow to move. Happens to be freed for a moment, and then again waiting, and sometimes on their own in captivity ready to give up.

And it happens that two people, like two goats on a mountain path, they meet and each tries the other from the position to move to the one behind him went or the road gave way.

And at what level are we looking at?

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Level 1. Value

the Creators and participants in the revolution believed in Freedom, Justice and Truth is the value and benefits of such a level that life for her ready to give. Just the thing, after the victory proved that what is valuable for some, for others the thing is junk. There would be health keep and eat that every day it was warm, light and familiar. But the suffering and discomfort they are not ready, and will stand in your illusory world to the last. I know we all sometimes think so. Or not even sometimes.

...And now everyone in different places trying your values to push. To convince, to persuade, to znacilnosti, outrage over the opinion, an ideal, a dream. What should I do? How to find what unites us?

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it's Worth asking the question: "do I really need another to convince?" Whether it's the glass bead game, from which only the power consumption goes? Or I'm willing to make another conscious gift, to rise to his level and go through life together with him? And if so, then perhaps you should, dear sister, listen to this man and hear his fears, sadness and sorrow.

What you have in common? Perhaps the future happiness of children, human life, love, peace. And it can only be the awareness of this will already be good. And the fact that you see different way to achieve this goal, so that's fine. You're completely different people and have the right to have their point of view on any matter.

Level 2. Emotional

After making the adversary? Manipulates, plays on the strings of the soul, like a harp. Trying to encourage us to feelings and actions, without explaining its goals. Troops to the border set? Mercenaries, provocateurs, trolls hired? Lie on lie gromozda? Why?

To you, dear friends, rejoice unlearned. So, share psychological trick – the absolute value him in the pocket will bend and be happy. The more happy you are, the worse. And if you still to be active will be able to benefit others, so will you honor, glory and respect.

Want to do some fighting in the information war? Open your heart and it's soul on paper (read in the social network pour out) pour out. And yet the humor is very appropriate. Not viciously aggressive, and intelligent, English. In the hyperbole go.

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I, by the way, recently joked to my friends about Barnaul another heresy. Wrote that in Kiev in the Russian metro is not allowed to define who is Russian, according to the size of the head: if 60+, so Russian and the subway do not miss. And the baths are banned, as Russian, and vodka too. And the EU schnapps with bromine is brought to we, Russian, to reproduce failed. So they are subdued, the case began to ask, that what and how things are. However on the day only and enough. Oh well.

Another technique of confrontation manipulation ask? Please.

for Example: psychological Aikido. Use the opponent's energy against him.

Choose one of the three below the proposed techniques.

  • you Can endlessly ask: "what would You advise to change?".
  • Technique is flawed records, the endless repetition of "I'm ready to listen to You".
  • Technique external consent or guidance of fog (consent with any part of the statement or the search for rational grain in the message of the opponent): "take Care of the health of citizens is really important."

Then you speak of the feelings aroused by the situation or the other person's response. Then you are expressing a wish or request. For example: "I ask You not to write on my wall".

And finally, you speak of sanctions. For example: "If You continue in the same spirit, I a certain period of time will not be ready to communicate with You".

Hope you will be able to remember that if you "oak" then what spells you would not have said, "squirrel" he will not become.

Keep your strength for your business.

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2. Amateur-active.

Information war started long before the revolution. The campaign was built on differences, not on what is common to all Ukrainians. Russian language or Ukrainian, the region of the producer or parasite, the intellectual against the "cattle" - all that was possible to split and confrontation, it was in the course.

have not been on the political scene of a party that has United Ukrainians. Perhaps it was a planned special operation of the Russian Federation or rating at the election was more important than national ideas - is not important. The important thing is that today these beans thrown in good soil post-Soviet heritage, is the enemy. The information war will continue for many years regardless of when and how to resolve the current situation.

So let's talk about the strategies and tactics of confrontation. Yesterday we held a brainstorming session on a given topic, the results of which I want to share.

we believe the level of victory:

- the development of national identity (most people in Ukraine are aware of themselves as Ukrainians feel proud that they are Ukrainians);

- information on the part of Russia is perceived as obviously way affiliated and about. This is also supported by residents of the Russian Federation.

What to do?

there is a need in the creation of the information security Department. A group of professionals will be responsible for:

1. The preparation of a legal framework to ensure information security. To provide prompt retraction, locking, catching the people distributing false information, discrediting Ukraine.

2. Promotion and development of the national idea. Development of various projects, for example: "Leaders, heroes of Ukraine, History of Ukraine in infographics", "Online stream Central squares of cities of Ukraine, History of Ukraine's borders", etc.

3. Informing the population about the war. Conducting a broad awareness campaign.

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