- Your daughter is not adapted to everyday life!

- and we do not need — we raised a Princess.

to begin To understand. Who are the female Princess?

- literally, dreams of a Prince on a white horse. Or in the modern version is a businessman in the white Mercedes.

Men! Want to check ? Ask the woman her favorite fairytale character in it. Something in this image, it worked. What exactly, ask. Answer you will need.

- the weak, but inside possess great strength. So I can say when I want to. The key word, when .

Know yourself price. Even if there is the "fairy-tale" beauty to them.

- it is important to get warning. Usually they are centre of the plot. Not notice the woman-the Princess difficult.

Princess, can demand, but wait. It's not unbearable. Remember the tale and the Princess image that requires. Similar image?

Hold this image in your head and think about how they can show their displeasure and revenge. These women revenge. Very skillfully.

In fairy tales, princesses eat dragons. This Achilles ' heel the princesses. When they can get stuck. But in real life men that have Tirana with problems with mental violence. Sad, but true.

- In the conversation of life. Since all know. But only what is important to them.

Such a woman, it is important to maintain its position role Princess. Accordingly, it is not wants age. And doing everything possible that would not show its age or year. How many years, can not even ask.

the way she sees the world? Colored and fabulous. As they say, "using pink sunglasses".

love Her and it is enough. She values the more benefits.

- how Easy is it with these women men? No! Very difficult. If you still do not understand why - re-read all the paragraphs.

And now for the men! No opt men women? Actually men these, choose women-princesses.

a Malefather. He cares for her. Pampers purchases and gifts. Pays a lot of attention as a child. Play and teseda. Enjoy it, but is responsible for his Princess. Because it is his duty now. They like obedient woman, as she listens to her "father". Men I want to see a woman beautiful and attractive, such is its status and the issue price.

I note that the Princess is not a healthy expression of women. This story needs to work. If a woman wants to go into the status of the Queen. More about that next time...

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Mahnova Eugene
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