If it hurts the soul...


every man at least once in life a toothache at least once. And then he knows what to do, is to go to the dentist. He did not doubt that without the help of a specially trained person he can't handle. He goes and gets help. It's simple.
But what to do if you get sick no teeth, and soul? Or even the soul does not hurt, and having trouble sleeping, it's not like I would like. Living man himself, but there is no happiness, continuous turmoil, Yes, longing. Then where to go? Often turn to friends, the priest, the wise elder for adults. Read the book, go to fortune-tellers the future to see a clairvoyant and psychics to remove the damage. And helps! And good.
All the above listen, share their experiences, give advice, will remove the damage. You will feel better.... until the occurrence of your problem. And they certainly appear not because something is wrong, but because at every stage of life poses new challenges that we all have to decide. And then what to do? Is to run back to those who give advice on your unique situation and unique life?
Very often we, psychologists, people come with this : they want advice, they have a problem and they want to solve it or to understand something. This process is called consultation. As a psychologist, is, in fact, a specially trained person who will be able to answer questions, to share a vision, to give advice.
Consultation usually takes an hour, and what gets applied is a new vision of your problem, a little more enlarged horizons a little different, previously unseen focus. Someone that is enough. Now he can move on and try to approach the problem entirely from the other side.
Sometimes we come to the client during the meeting understood that the problem is not as simple as it seemed at first, and unassisted, on their own to solve it he is unable. Need an escort. And then both the psychologist and his client are focused on the identified issue and begin to solve it. If the problem, a symptom, a query arose recently and do not have roots in early childhood, it is likely that several meetings will be sufficient. But if the difficulties the client had a long history and involve many layers of his psyche, the methodology aimed at short-term treatment can only bring temporary relief. In this case, it will require more long-term and large-scale work, which can take several months and sometimes even years.

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