If it hurts to let go

When something dies, it is most difficult to let go. To trust the wisdom of the universe and just go on thanking the past.

to Release with gratitude on the meeting and not to grieve about the breakup.

We break up all the time in my life with something. It is an integral part of life, without it nothing is straight here.

This 3 year old's favorite toy is lost or broken. Bitterly.

But the favorite pants ripped.

First snotty love in the garden and the first vows of love, and then graduation and....

the First teacher, mourners at a high school...





Things, places, memories.

Everything comes to leave. As our emotions. The biggest mistake people do when you label them: “my” and make it part of himself. Then, when leaving the pain so that if a part of yourself to lose, taking a bite.

Letting go of all that comes, You learn that nothing and no one in this world truly belongs to You. Except You. It is very difficult to accept and understand, because each of us has food and there are abandoned trauma. Breakup are often intertwined with these terrible emotions of loneliness, fear, confusion.

But after each breakup You have You. You and the piece that You touched, whether it be a child's toy or people. To preserve it, then to appreciate what comes. Allow yourself to be magical sitchikov, which flows through itself, and nothing is in a rush to move on. To each their own way. Yes, often our paths intersect, but also diverge and that's OK.

But the sadness is normal. To grieve at parting, so clearly understand the value of what is spent. The ability to track how it has affected and changed You. To become more fully realized.

But if the mountain what do not have time... later I realized... later realized and did not have time to carry away, don't be sad. Wise the universe is very generous, it is sure to give You the opportunity to repeat this experience until You apply it that will help You to grow. Most importantly, do not keep resentment, anger and fear, instead of warmth and love that was. Love revive, and gives strength to go on. Constrained fear, resentment is choking... take Care of yourself, don't leave something that can destroy You, because You are the one who will always be with You.

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