If it is painful and difficult


my life was once such a difficult period when I lost almost all time, almost in one day. At first, I was buried in her grief, pain, shock, and didn't know what to do with myself - in all senses. Then I hated the whole world and three specific people, in particular, that all happened to me very cruel, nasty, ugly, unfair and definitely uncalled for. My head is spinning phrase of dialogue, memories, and I thought that it was necessary to do otherwise, in other words, to inform, to explain and to put in place. My thoughts were turned to the past, and I was depressed. 
When I came into the office to see my therapist with his pain poured out of her, sobbing in the chair opposite, she told me at the end of the session: “You are going through a difficult time. But you see how much value and understanding for you in this test. Now if you're in so much pain you can live through it, to heal and to help all those who are also experiencing pain. Because you know and understand that they feel like it. Their support, help, warm, help to find support as you are able to find it for myself. You know exactly how they need it. And it will heal you even more."

She was right. Since then, much time has passed, the pain subsided, and the desire to help and work with people, facilitating now their pain, help them recover after the loss and downs, is still with me, and I don't want to stop. 

I want to say that any injustice, loss, betrayal, betrayal, adversity breeds pain. And regardless of the strength of the pain and characteristics of circumstances, each of us makes a choice what to do with this feeling and in what direction to channel the energy they generated. You decide to close, to embittered, to start the process of self-destruction, to hate anything and everything to cook in the boiling water their grievances or to find the strength to accept the loss, learn to find resources in difficult situations, become stronger, wiser, more confident, open to new experiences, new business and people.

And no matter how hard, for me the choice was obvious. And for you?

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