the question we put mostly in the third person, trying to understand if I can change the other person. Will our child become smarter? Longer husband to drink? And the wife nagging? Can we understand our parents? Will government change? It often happens that our expectations are not met, and internal discontent is only growing. But these expectations are already incorporated our desire for something better, higher quality of life. From our experience we know how difficult it is to change. To become more confident or become more cheerful, to become softer to friends, be sociable or just to stop being lazy. So other people can become for us either a confirmation of the immutability of human nature that will allow us to justify our own weaknesses. Or will become the inspiration and catalyst for our own inner change.

to understand this question and not be satisfied with merely guesses and practical experience, citing the example of Darwin's theory of evolution of living beings. This theory States that the simplest single-celled creatures grew into a man. This was facilitated by natural selection, which occurred on a random basis. The principle of chance itself belongs to the category of unscientific claims without full proof. But the idea of the evolution we can already find in the most ancient science about the universe, the age of which counts thousands of years, and see that it is not a coincidence catalyzes change, and a purpose. And as I said, Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, the opponent of Charles Darwin, in the evolution of the principle of striving for perfection. Ancient science says about every living creature has consciousness, whether ant or man, as the soul. The soul has all of the same nature, and the consciousness of an ant and a human are different. As we can observe that the consciousness of the people can be very different, sometimes the child does not baby demonstrates qualities of character, and sometimes adult for years, behaves like a child. The soul and its consciousness can be likened to a light bulb and lampshade when the lampshade is dusty, the light will be very dull, but when polished lampshade lamp glows bright light. Of course, to the old ant can't, no matter how you try to gain consciousness. So nature has provided that the soul will be born again and again in different forms to at some point be born in the human body. This is the fundamental disagreement with Darwin and many modern scientific theories that speak of the mind and soul as just signs of life, accidentally manifested in the body, which appeared one day soon just disappear forever. But in the words of Descartes "I think - therefore I exist". And as the ancient science, the soul exists, existed and will exist. Changing only the body and the circumstances of life that determines consciousness.

How we can apply this in your life? What can give us this knowledge? We've talked about Celje that sense of purpose that triggers any changes in life. If a person wants to get a good education, for example, come to MSU, he will study well. But if the graduate school no such purpose, his choice may become computer games. But any goal of our life can be eventually reached, or to lose its significance, when it comes to the need to find new purpose. But from all the above logical conclusion is to understand that the main goal is eventually to be aware of your natural spiritual nature.

the understanding of the spiritual nature already is beyond the scope of the study of modern psychology. And here each person chooses the path that he likes. The evolution of consciousness do not a quick process. To understand what prevents, what are our actions, the actions may only further zapisat our lampshade. What can cleanse our lives, so that it was less worry and anxiety, from what to give up? What to add? Wonder what I can change to become really happy?? It is possible to seek out those who also like you want the same light to change, those like-minded people who share your views, and maybe teach something new. It is important to do some steps, because we no longer live our lives!)

I Wish You success on the path to self-realization!

Also Express my gratitude to my teachers and mentors.

Golubeva Anna
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