Today was a fine, warm autumn day. My son and nieces went for a walk in the yard. Played football, draw with chalk, even having a little race with toy cars. Then, we went to "meadow" - so we called the open space near our home, overgrown grass, where a few trees. But there are flying butterflies, crawling ladybugs and lots of acorns that have fallen from two mighty oaks. In General, a world of discovery for the scientist and for the child, needless to say!

In Sunny weather you can monitor the ants after the rain – for snails. Next to a small island of trees, which in autumn you can often find mushrooms. Of course, this toadstool. But the joy of discovery is not antagonized. We train them on how to recognize poisonous mushrooms, how they differ from non-poisonous.

So. We walked today on this beauty, collecting acorns for crafts. And my youngest niece (7 years old) goes like thunder. Ask her what's wrong. Says: "I'm bored". Again I ask, "Who is to blame?". Silent, frowns.

That is this outer world with all its wealth it currently uninteresting. Perhaps it is situational. But, unfortunately, I often see the picture that kids the students do not know how to do, if you are on the street without gadgets. Most of them are so used to bury your opinion in these little boxes, they feel like without hands. Boxes of them, of course, entertain. No need to invent new games or imaginary worlds, to reinvent the wheel or invent a secret language. For you have all had attributively. And if a child is overloaded with studies and circles, then it simply does not remain forces to come up with something new, explore the world, develop observation and emotion.

Thinking about myself when I've felt outright boredom. Except that any collective educational meetings on the last job. Which they summed up or told me something long and tedious and that a little applicable to the practice.

Why do today's children this feeling arises more and more often? Do we teach them to observe, to analyze, to draw conclusions? Talk to them about something other than school? Sincere do love to play games? If adults are able to find in life interest, why not giving this ability to their children?

Life is so interesting and varied. A lot of information, including the network, just waiting for you to start interested in her. Books, music, movies, nature, technology, human interaction – to continue indefinitely. the Interest is in ourselves. interesting my life and the lives of their children we make. We should not chase external opportunities and experiences. They, of course, important. But it will never replace live human interaction and observation of how, for example, from trees fall leaves as the sun sets, a stream runs bees collect nectar from flowers, and ants are hard to pull prey into his house.

Sokurenko Anna
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