In 2013, I published one of the first scientific articles, which describe the history and main results of the counselling client.

And how is the client in 2018, has described in the end of the article.


Client. Olesya, 30 years. Higher education. Married for 10 years and has three children. Working in the Agency of the real estate mentor for real estate.

At the first meeting manifests itself as a relaxed, smiling, interested in advice girl.

Somatic complaints: periodic stomach pain and heart palpitations.

the history of the client. Olesya went to a psychologist with a desire to understand his state of confusion in itself, the lack of desire to do anything, reduced background mood.

the first meeting came to the conclusion that this state is connected with the difficulty to define the meaning of life. Any other conditions she associates with the death of her fourth child, explaining that she then felt and realized that ended the life of her child, now there is a danger that this will happen again. Olesya would like to have more than five children. Understanding the objective of the risk that next time the child could also die, she decides at some time to write this question.

At that moment, Olesya describes it as follows: "if there was a goal (increase family), where to go, and now it's impossible."

Father had committed suicide when she was 6 years old, most of his life he spent in prison, and was with her for over two years.

Mother died of alcohol poisoning the night in the same room with her.

Then, Olesya moved to her grandmother, who was demanding it and feeling emotionally rejected it.

Tying the situation of the death of his parents in childhood, the desire to have children and the meaning of life, formed a hypothesis, as a child, Olesya did not receive sufficient emotional acceptance from parents and they died unexpectedly for her.

the analysis of memories Olesya described the situation during my father's funeral, when she had a feeling "of abandonment, of emptiness, of not knowing what will happen next, fear." Similar feelings she felt at the death of the mother and her child. Now, in adult life, the desire to birth children here can be considered as psychic protection, symbolically creating an atmosphere of calm and the situation emotional decision contrary to what she experienced with the loss of loved ones.

During the second consultation interpretation was accepted by the client.

Mental protection Olesya manifested in the form of rationalization of their experiences associated with hidden desires, aggression.

On the question what she is protected, she says: "I'm afraid to know about yourself that will shock me, sharply does not match with the concept, which is now suddenly what mattered most to me (family) to do this, you will lose to me all value."

Also there is protection by type of merger, at the beginning it was expressed in aspiration to communicate more often with a psychologist, not only during consultation, but on the phone, on themes that relate to counselling and more informal.

Olesya said: "I have developed an addiction." Also shows the dependence of the change of mood from others.

In the process of counselling Olesya became more and more the pursuit of self-expression, finding meaning in life, understanding yourself. But wishes were in conflict with her installation that her husband will not support such initiatives: "I don't think he will put up with a man who loves freedom, loves, and will not always consider their choices and opinions".

Unconscious installation, which then was realized: if I behave the way I want, the husband will leave me (if not physically, then mentally for sure), and it is connected with the situations of the previous losses.

Before she "chose" to act against his wishes and try to husband made a decision.

Over time, Olesya began to turn for support to her husband.

Olesya shared their impression about the changes: "I feel so safe never had", "I as if life wanted", "it is now very easy on my soul", "like the feelings that slumbered inside me, burst forth".

Earlier the basic installation client slip it in two variations: "you mustn't love me" and "I have nothing to love."

Proof that it is the basic facility is that the client was aware of it in the form of insight, i.e., it came not through a process of logical reasoning, not in the process of consultation, and the day before the next meeting, and was accompanied by a strong emotional reaction.

Result a critical examination of such beliefs and disidentification with it, became the desire of the client to Express themselves, establish an emotional connection in the family, changing their lives and the courage to realize your hidden dreams and fantasies.


Published with the consent of the client. The name is changed.


Olesya gave birth to a child. Says that now her life is in full swing and full swing, and every moment doing something )

And decoration my group Vkontakte also is the work of Olesya )

these articles: Dudin, V. A., Smolina I. V., M. N. Trushnikova. To the question about the ecological validity of the test, "the Locus of the livelihood of the personality // Vestnik of Tyumen state University. 2013. – № 9 – P. 178-184. – 0,5/0,35 L. p.

Vitaliy Dudin
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