it would look Like some clients of the psychologist in dentistry

- let's you heal me one tooth free for sample? I'll see how you are an expert and if anything, the remaining teeth will treat you.

- Tell more, how do we treat this tooth decay. Yeah, of course. And why this tool? Why in this room? But why the light? Why would a cotton swab? Why…

- You said that this tooth will need to drill. But the last dentistry I had already drilled! Well, Yes, it hurts… but why to drill again?!

- So… and let me here it and here it is? I have already removed the nerve, I'm in the mirror saw, it's pretty easy. And fewer visits will be cheaper, right?

- This tooth does not need to be removed. I watched the video on YouTube, they said that you just need three times a day to put the Novocain, and before going to sleep to inject ketorol.

- What can be done to the teeth themselves were growing back then? As this is “only if you are the man"?!

- yeah, with the contract all clear, but I want to make a point: “compensation for moral damage and physical damage, if the client will be hurt before, during or after the procedure”.

- Examination and x-rays are not needed! I've done this on physical examination in high school.

- So, x-rays you have done. Let me at him his teeth will fly, and then will come back to you if that.

- my Teeth are always healthy, only last year sick, so work a little bit.

- Stooooop! Why do you need me to open my mouth? Let us explain this point better in writing in an Annex to the agreement, and I'll consult with another expert.

- yeah, let's get you now to me the front teeth will do, then I'll be able to work as a model, will get the contract and pay you the percentage. And now there is no money.

- do you have experience in the treatment of pulpitis in the wisdom tooth of a man-Aquarius 37 years, living on the 8th floor, smoke a pack of Marlboro cigarettes a day, wearing only cotton socks and using an ocean air freshener for the toilet?

- And you can show the reviews of my friends about teeth treatment in your clinic?

- And what are the guarantees? I can get the money back if you remove me the tooth, and a year hurts the other?

- Let's get free, and then I'll post stories to my instagram and tell friends.

- So, I want another doctor. No, I want to continue to be treated in the same way, and you also. But another doctor

based On Peter Litvin, Agency of Artillery

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