If the crown is not removed


Our heroine, let's call it Margherita, "with the crown". She's the only daughter in the family. Of course, selfishness and self-centeredness significantly pressure on all parts of the body... And romantic, the mother of the young Prince, but the king is with her or not.

It is very selective in contacts with men to build a flexible relationship does not work. And she understood.

"Met with a young man, younger than me for 12 years. The athlete that is called "all at it". Smart, charming, cute, and most importantly, young! But what's more important - financially secure...Even something said: "I am to you what you want to do, give, help...! However, getting married will not...You better not be angry!".

But the crown our margaritas, like the old hat of Hogwarts, like a hiss: "what are You doing! You decent! You do not understand, he you mistress wants to do! You wait for him at the window in the evening to spend alone...let him marry you!".

And then our Margarita suffered: "Oh, I only want sex?! And I need a stable, serious relationship ! like me, deserve the best! I stop to chat with you!".

In General, blocked the young man our Margot, probably for her "surgically" question of High...

Margo Looked around, no support, called mom - sigh. she Looked at their apartment in the chronic repair...is Thinking, and what am I really? SMS-ka squeaked on the reminder of the loan. But my heart is disgusting...After all, the guy is good and decent, now such a deficit. Well, that to marry will not....And here again our dissonance she experienced.

was to remove the crown, but not removed. Stuck. While trying to steal her, my whole life saw and how relationships with men, built, and threw herself men, and, in very difficult periods of their lives, and how it threw...All I remembered and decided to go to therapy in the hope that at least the healer of souls, the crown will remove...

And the psychologist so neatly set to work. Aristocrat snorted and somehow not royally wiped the snot with your hand.

the Dialogue was

Psychologist You want to get married?

Margaux to be honest, no...But I wanted to, for example, to me didn't sound right, "to marry you I will not!".

P: Why this phrase is so voiced by a man so important to You?

M:Well...I don't know...Maybe it is that I want some guarantees or Foundation in a relationship, and to me he can not give.

P: But in fact, he offers to become your mistress?

M.: Well, Yes...You could say that.

W.: You don't like?

M: that's the whole point, that satisfied! But hell, I don't know why some want him to chase me, he wanted...

W.: And You?

M: what am I?

P: You again?

M.: Well...I'm not leaving. I like to chase men...you Know, I have for six months had a few men. None of them worked for more than a month.

P: Why?

M.: I need me constantly admired!

W.: If not admire, then ...does that mean ?

M:...I do not like, not appreciate, do not want...

W.: And try to look at Your men as equals.

M.: Is there?

W.: As for the kings!

M: As kings?

W.: Well. Your men that was in the last six months, they are the kings. Kings of their little Universes, which they are also trying to find myself, to realize myself as a personality, set their own rules and laws.

M.: What do I do?

P: Go to position such that You are the Queen, but he is the King. And that you absolutely equal. He's the same person as You. He has his own desires, dreams, fantasies, needs, and ambitions and the ability to feel pain, to experience.

Margo thought.

M.: You know, I think I understand what You mean.That is, I need to understand that we are equal and can not just present to each other something - demands, claims, but also to negotiate?

W.: Of course! that is exactly what you need?

M.: Yes...

P: Excellent! Well, next time we'll work on Your priorities! I Wish You Happiness!

However, the key points in the correction state girls are:

Corona is a defense mechanism on the one hand, and not quite adequate behavior model.
very often the image of Queen have found the only subsidiaries that are at 20 and 40 placing excessive demands for peace in their lives, their world Outlook picture of the becomes objective, and cluttered with a lot of stereotypes and barriers.
the Queen is a very resource, but it is important to learn how to use these gifts.
Injury if unbalanced, inflexible relationships with men is inevitable, but it is important to go with Royal dignity of relations, and not only blame all men for all their troubles.
When a girl begins to look as equals (that "kings"), she soon begins to form the process of adopting the perspective of the partner and the need for compromise.
Arkhangelsk Nadezhda
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