If the depression keeps a stranglehold. How to make visible the resistance.


Depression unbelted to such an extent that held Veronica by the throat with a death grip, barely letting him breathe. Like a tocsin in the ears of Veronica was given the words:

"You don't need them!"

"Why do you want to live your life nothing good will!"

on the one hand Veronica believed her 100%, and was immersed in this horrible hopeless condition almost completely.

I knew that Veronica was important to find a moment in her life was the trigger for the emergence of Depression, go back there and live all their condemnatory feelings. Yes. it was a success! She, barely breathing, was found with his traumatic childhood experience again, somewhere behind feeling my presence as support.

But then continued running the next round, because the Depression had left Veronica's incredibly convincing.

the Despair and crawled to me as a therapist and began to feel that I can't cope, and hiss in his ear: "You can't handle it! You'll never succeed!"

It was a difficult moment for me, but I relied on my intuition and a wonderful narrative method. And the Depression loosened its deadly grip!

I asked Veronica, who was sitting filled with tears at the pain.

- And you Depression comes in the morning?

"Yes," answered Veronica.? She immediately crawls as soon as I Wake up and said: "Why do you have to get up, no good still won't?"

- Some people under the influence of Depression, even getting out of bed can not, and do you get up?

Why do you not listen?

You get up in the face of her Prophecies!

it Turns out you in spite of her voice, stood up, brushed my teeth, took a shower, did makeup, went to work and at work working???

- Yes.

Depression was very against it! Why you do not agree with it?




have I offered to call a painful condition Veronica a specific name - Depression ( was the Fear of being alone, Panic, Despair). The word at the moment was for her probably the most accurate description.

have Questions about life Depression as separate beings gradually separate the person from the problem and moved to an active position.

have a Comparison with other people, which Depression does not get out of bed, helped to begin to translate Veronica in amazement: "it Turns out I resist?!"

have to Focus on even simple actions that a person does contrary to the requirements of the problem, to help gradually regain confidence and raise self-esteem.

Elena Kiseleva
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