If the other goes the bride, it is still unknown who carried...


Who are not familiar with this line from the song we know and quoted her almost from childhood.

But understanding its meaning comes much later, if at all.

experience of the man's infidelity at the level of experience is comparable to grieving the loss of a person and passes the same stages of grief. And it would be good if only.

the Most unpleasant that with the departure of a loved one to the other or the other feel bad about themselves, simply collapses, just devastating. Who does not know these feelings - I'm nothing, just left me. She's prettier, she's more worthy, why I'm not... And the gum for the brain knocks down even the painted beauties.

After all, if not for her, not the notorious, tortured in articles and conversations low assessment of himself, the loss experienced would be much easier and faster. Yes, the pain would pass in a moment, but didn't last 4-5 years. Besides, many are familiar with at least one person who has not experienced betrayal in a lifetime never married, or grieving for the old love, or all women "..." and all men too know who...

But it is actually just, and if not for the low self-esteem, we would have seen it and lived, such a situation much easier.

People come into our lives and leave it's not because we want it or not, but because we fit together or not. And how will you know unless you try - that's right, nothing! Tried, lived, it seemed all perfect, and BAM - he was gone. Well, or she. Just not your person, just not at this time agreed, just don't have to continue to live together, not because "something's wrong, so he left."

And these partners, which are in principle not able to be there, are not capable of intimacy that makes the years to be killed by him? Yes, these little, and have to manage to get to that hook, but it is a very real situation. And then we have a lot to rejoice that parted. Yes, after a lot of grief, but thank yourself and life, that brought such happiness.

Who teaches us forever to kill, where it would be necessary to rejoice, even through the pain?

It's an opening for something real, for a new story!

Inna Boyko
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