Sometimes life blows are of such force and such a degree of surprise that at first seems to deal with this impossible, not strong enough.

Then cover the impotence, despair and hopelessness.

if the Body is bent under the concrete slab and all the muscles limp surrender to earth's gravity, even the corners of the mouth float down.

In the next few days is the first adaptation to the incident.
I don't know about you, but helps me to find solutions, to do everything in my power to affect the outcome of the situation.

it Happens so that you hardly recovered from the shock about a single event, behind him arises the second, not less power.

In this case, everything is both easier and harder at the same time.

let me Explain: if the shock of the first event has not yet passed, and after the second, no less traumatic is the shock you and save you from overloading the nervous system and blunt the perception.

This is after you realize what happened and will live the horror of the situation, and while nature gently takes care of you, sinking into shock.

Then it all depends on the properties of the nervous system, the nature and level of stress.

for Example, I have in recent times when strong stress off the body, I hardly felt the touch. Need a very strong incentive to I felt something. It seems that now I could make it through the surgery without anesthesia, so deaf my body.

the Sensations, feelings, and breadth of perception will gradually return. Everyone is happening with his speed.

I Advise you to take this off calmer to take it for granted. It's just worked security system, so you can postpone the experience of what happened a bit over time. Is to take care of your psyche.

Returning sensitivity will bring the sensation of pain, but you'll be a little more prepared to what is happening.

At this point it would be good to stop denying reality and begin to work for its enactment.

the Pain arises from the struggle and resistance situation, as well as from the unwillingness to endure covering you experiences.

If you cease to fight it, allow the feelings to be, that pain will be much less.

Then start the process a longer, healthier adaptation to the situation.
Take your time, consider it as “over”.

Put it in a temporary context. Imagine what you will think about it in 5, 10, 20 years or more.

What it will seem from the future? 

Then it is good to remember that you are already in your life than you could manage it. What experience you have overcome.

Well, the plan of action. The harder the situation, the more accurate must be the plan.

It will be a plan of your struggle for yourself.

by the Way, the more you fight, the less signs of trauma later.
a Proven fact. Of a dozen children trapped in a concrete trap, almost no signs of trauma from those children who fought - have made a tunnel, trying to get out, gramzdas each other.

for those who have not even tried to struggle helplessly sat in the corner waiting for help, traumatic traces were very strong.
So draw your own conclusions.

by the Way, about the plans - it is better to be a few laying there and the positive scenario and negative.

If you are viable one, will help another.

And last is when you get out of all this, take the time to assign.
Dance your victory dance. Put it in the Treasury of your experience.
It will give you not only confidence, but also increase the power of your spirit.


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