If you are tired...


If you are tired, it is likely that you are very strong and have long resisted anything in my life...

There are efforts that we put in motion in life, but the effort is a normal voltage, alternated with relaxation, like ordinary walking, where the legs tense and relax in turn. It's done thoughtlessly, or rather you are already in the decision and the movement to the selected.

Resistance is the opposition to the natural efforts, for example, you want to step, but with one leg tied to the other leg or other external object, so movement is impossible and relaxation.

the more we feel the fatigue, not just physical, but internal, emotional, emptiness, hopelessness, it means that inside you worked for the resistance. Something inside wanted movement, and something kept from motion, and what was held was stronger than the wanted traffic.

What we resist most often? Desires, the most ordinary and simple desires, which change with age, quality of life, with our growing up. Want to and can not want and can not want scary, I want and ashamed. Here they are, two people that are inside of us can't come to an agreement. Whom to choose, which one is more right or reasonable, brave or responsible. No one really is. They are both hungry and frightened, and each of them is trying to satiate your hunger and emptiness.

What to do with them? Nothing here really, nothing to do with them is not necessary. And if this is to correlate for example with the legs want to walk and not to walk, I will choose the third lie. Lie down and get pleasure from lying, thus ceasing to notice the two warring inside me.

Resistance is where we want something, but do not allow ourselves, as opposite desires there arises his antagonist. Duality divides us, sharing our energy and attention, and therefore resources. As soon as we switch our attention from the resistance, relaxes, and relaxation comes an entirely different state of mind, they are new actions and resources.

Easier said, trying to make a choice between two options, choose the third, as in the joke where the man between the choice of a mistress and the wife chose fishing. And this third option, the option is always there, just focusing on the two antagonists, we don't see third, fourth, fifth option or choice. If we are not choosing, it means that neither of the two options -antagonists for us now is not true and not necessary, they are both wrong.

Personally in my life is the frequent focus even when writing articles, you want one topic, there is a counterweight why don't need is not worth it, and so forth, begin to write generally about what was not going and in the end this was an unexpected theme gives way to a new stage, new knowledge, new thread. We always like to test for manifestation of freedom, hostage or not you live in fear or freedom.

These eternal themes, likes or dislikes, to leave or to stay, wealth and poverty, lies or truth, good and evil, strength and weakness, will always arouse resistance and fatigue. Choose a different, unexpected and from other areas of attention, action, manifestations, thinking, and surprised as events unfold, and as new events transformerait a topic in which you are stuck on resistance. This is a manifestation of freedom when you cease to be a hostage, so you're free  live in a free movement

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