If you contacted the Crank (instead of H - M)


If You linked HUdaka - run from him. Easily, naturally,ignoring requests and pleas for help, without guilt or even some of the destructive notions of itself as the "culprit" of all unhappiness.

so, the "Shit happens". This is a rude slang expression of the English-speaking world translated as "shit happens".

Life is multifaceted and therefore philosophical reflection that day comes night, and where the take-off, will drop, it is necessary for the stable development of the personality of each of us.

the Hardness of life that we sometimes find ourselves in a trap from which you can never get out, until a re-evaluation, rethinking and new understanding of his life, of his behavior.

HUdaka. Humans are imperfect, immature, running from responsibility, as the devil from Holy water. Although at first glance it may seem that it is not. At first, they can be semipresenciales as people with a very active lifestyle, for which social attractiveness, professional achievements, personal victories are the guarantee of their happy life.

for Example, a man when meeting a girl puts herself in a favorable light as a hard-working, quiet, Mature person with the priorities of family values. However, it turns out that Your new friend windy man looking for sexual adventures, avoiding a serious relationship. Well, in the most difficult situations, what happens is that fall in love with their "correct" thoughts, passes into despotism and sexism, it is easy to belittling and devaluing the woman.

Crank is different and more failing. When You feel bad (and this is not an attempt to manipulate Your boyfriend, and a true desire to rectify the situation. For example, the lock in the door, a leaky faucet, etc.), he does not rush to help You, but on the contrary, says that he is even worse (at work, crush, ex-wife texting with some threats and so on).

In General the situation is clear. Yes, from the point of view of sex can be just great as long as not will be a question of more serious and problematic situations. In particular, about the pregnancy or the choice of contraception. Then Your bUdaka be sure to talk about their childhood trauma or pinched nerve.

HUdaka is a child, but the child is very capricious, despotic, cynical. He was used to getting what he wants. And beg he may not only You, but others such as "only" and "unique" ladies, revealing their arms to such an exceptional macho.

So, whether You need these problems cranks - You decide. It is best to flee, but not in his salvation from the captivity of their own mistakes. Tested!

Hope Arkhangelsk
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