If you'll hard to beat my head against the wall, then most likely you'll just be in the next room.


If you are long and hard going to beat my head against the wall, most likely breaking it, you'll just be in the next room.

Often people spend a wagon of resources that ultimately still does not bring happiness. Like want the best, but it turns out as always...

Just as long as they have not established a connection with your inner center - not learned to hear yourself, your heart and your true desires.

Imagine a narrow mountain stream. This little trickle of water never runs in a straight line. She surrounds the stones, blades of grass, ledges, creating your own unique pattern.

Beautiful, isn't it?

just nice and relaxed starts to move a man who knows what he really wants. After all, what tells us our inner compass is always those actions which harmoniously fit into the fabric of this world and not go with them contrary. br>
This person is not about resistance. He spends little effort in life, but he is always good. As good as we feel when watching the natural course of nature.

And without such a connection with his core, man is simply operated about goals and values. br>
His conduct imposed requirements - anyone but not his own. This is the loss of connection with your inner center.

Hence the picture of the poor fellow sitting by the broken wall and wonder what happiness has not come. br>
he tried so hard! So they fought! Had HOPED for! Already planned how he will jump and dance. But in the end, even the garbage now have somewhere to stand. About flown away into the pipe precious time, I generally keep quiet - it is not so funny and hilarious.

And all because he was doing everything but what is REALLY important to him. br>
If you feel some strong plugging in your life, it is quite possible that you have temporarily lost your compass and going the wrong way. Even if they manage to break through this resistance, the result, most likely, will not bring you satisfaction. br>
a little Matter to let go and to go inside yourself and look around. What now really matter? And how soon action will be most harmoniously fit into the CURRENT context?

In the first place - to hear, understand himself and see the real situation. And only then - to act. To be alive and flexible as a mountain stream.

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Artem Kalinkin
Psychologist, expert on healthy body, music, Gestalt therapist, leading online classes

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