Added to your Arsenal of work of the psychologist is a very interesting method,Losev called Aslogical program "Codes of a new life””. Belorizky - because the work goes on with the subconscious mind, which contains all the root causes of what's happening to us. Laid situations they experienced fear, pain, rejection, experienced in childhood and the conclusion (belief) which then made people. For example, what beliefs could make two-year-old who yelled mom? Or seven-month-old baby whose Mama is away for the week for important issues or got sick and she's not around some time? A child who lives in constant scandals parents? Adult do not attach importance to these situations and words that sound at the moment as they are in the emotional stress of the conflict. And all the comments they make only for the child's upbringing and as I think correctly. And even superunie parents can prevent the negative beliefs that will make their child.

a Person grows up his mind builds psychological protection from traumatic events, most often it is the forgetting, or denial that it never happened. Guilt or shame may cause one to suffer alone or to prove to others “I nice(s)” almost with his fists. I will not list all of psychological protection, they are described by Freud. At the level of logic - everyone wants to be happy, healthy, rich in a harmonious relationship, but somehow in life it is not so. And pass trainings, books read, affirmations are compiled, and the result shows “failure”. As a result, the status of the Victim with low self-esteem or the role of the Aggressor with high self-esteem see many and no joy.

I as a logical psychologist, studying different methods help achieve the desired, look at what level it works:

Mental or level – monitored their thoughts and beliefs, looking for negative programs. The awareness, the understanding of the root causes of what is happening, it is difficult to fix. There are some technologies where you say what is the problem, cancel it and change to a new happy. Everyone is happy. Quickly and without much effort all of you have done. In practice, however, I see that not very long it works. When a person will work more valuable and dolgosrochnye results. Our installation is debugged, the neural network in the brain, and efforts should be made to replace it. Aslogical method helps them to “cut”, the person is required to give this time, to focus on installation. Many do not maintain concentration and what is happening inside, but the result is worth it. 

Emotional level - spend “the ABC" (elimination of illiteracy), learning to understand and accept their emotions, to thank all the “negative” because it is our main tip of the Soul. Everyone knows that the answers are inside, but don't know how to decipher them. Instead of accepting themselves and correcting errors use protection. talk about parity, but the truth is not love. Condemning other people are not even aware that condemn yourself and if you suddenly say it is “judge” will be listed in its blacklist. To be loved - “good” people inhibit aggression, do not Express an opinion. “Educated” - do not Express their feelings, and then suddenly will offend someone. Proud of themselves are only “bouncer”, mistaking the concept of “pride” and “pride”. Here and accumulated in “bomboclat” undeveloped emotions, which lead to the next level.

Bodily level – shows where in the body the accumulated resentment, fear, anger, powerlessness, etc. learn to feel and deactivate their energy, which is the prevention and treatment of diseases using Aslogical method, we return the vitality. How often the phrase “I have no energy” so she goes to all these keep themselves within a fictional framework. Those fellows who come with psychosomatic not waiting for the point of no return, when “late to drink Borjomi, when the liver lost”. You can relieve the pain analgin, but it is unlikely the tooth will recover. And the psyche is no Statute of limitations, remember any significant event and you will have emotion. The body remembers even in utero “injury”. I went to the doctors and all the diagnoses I was put on nerves, which led to the question - why is it I have such a “fertile”? I am absolutely not against doctors, I am for comprehensive care. Any pain in the body shows where the problem and it should not just be removed, everything has a cause. Once a girl came up after manual therapy, where she set the vertebrae in place and advised me to go and work out all their grievances, otherwise it will return. For the best physical and emotional self-awareness I spend a dynamic meditation called "Dance of the elements" is a dance-movement therapy. Say: ‘move as your body wants, react to inner feelings and emotions" - what put the person in a stupor. Many used to do on the “correct” movements and hear your body. When we reach the element of Air and the Unconditional Love, many tears nedolyublennosti call the strategy of evasion. So what about the harmonization unable to talk intelligently, but to do...

the Spiritual or the level of ideology, the level of our human values – as a measure of our mindfulness, the ability to take responsibility for their lives, for their thoughts and actions. To get out of the victim role, where you blame other people, events, God or justification so it was with mom or grandpa. At this level are introduced to the laws of the Universe that open the understanding of the causes and consequences.

Our problems start on the mental level, and many are transferred to genetic level. In an interesting system of “human Design" (Human Design) that reveals what the man came from, what talents, what characteristics and possibilities, the path of financial prosperity that will help to achieve a harmonious relationship (the full description is 15-17 pages), but to reach its development and purpose, it is necessary to get out from under the influence of traumatic experience. In this system, the already identified genetic injury and trauma to the education of the individual. Yes, indeed our family in something believed, something I was afraid they had beliefs that likewise formed in traumatic situations, but they just want you to not repeat, to be happy. And we unconsciously repeat their mistakes, live on a written script. And here Aslogical method helps to fix the script.

These methods as “Journey to Myself”. help in the knowledge of Themselves, their potential, and the ability to find answers within yourself, to let go of resentments, which leads to the joy of life. The law of freedom of choice is that he chooses to be happy or not.

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