Let's dream a little. Dreams, it's not a waste of time as many think. So line up the plans to life, then that is your destiny.

Take a pen and a sheet of paper, optional turn on your favorite music. And share them their dreams, completely.

Imagine that you reduced the weight to the desired point and took the shape of your dreams. Then came the day. What does this morning? What is the weather outside? What mood did You Wake up? As You look right now? Open your wardrobe, what clothes You now wear? Who surrounds You? Where do you live? How Your home looks? Where You start your morning? Then it's Breakfast time. What do You have for Breakfast? What do you have next? Where do You work? Which transport are You going in? What mood ? What awaits You there? Carefully note how You react to men and women. How is Your work day in the image of a slender woman? What does it end? Then what? Where You dine? What do You have for dinner? How do you feel? What kind of relationship You have with your family and people around You? What ends Your day? Having lived the whole day to end, go to sleep.

Then return to reality,vigorously sliding the hands and feet.

Mount this image as an essay. Stay in it as long as You need. Try on the way to slim yourself. Now, describe in great detail their feelings. Were You comfortable in this body? What do you feel?

This exercise should not be underestimated. So You will be able to identify whether You need to lose weight or not.

One of my client has a small appendage, just 6kg, it looks slightly overweight. She says it this way: "I don't want to lose weight and become as slim as You, because I believe that NPA slim everyone looks. And I don't want to looked at me. I don't even know what to say man, if he will tell me a compliment. I don't want that." so, note, people do not consciously do it, so as not to attract attention. But imagine now the situation that she doesn't want to draw, but understand this, and the large exterior her desire to relieve these unfortunate. will Reset if it ever? Of course not.

So Your task is to do this exercise and listen to yourself, to keep track of all the nuances of your condition. In the end, answer the question: What I really want? If you reduce weight, don't delay, starting right from today to do, introducing good habits. Dreams become reality if they are to support business. If not really, stop torturing yourself. Live a quiet life. Such a condition would be beneficial for You, perhaps even leave excessive appetite.


Victoria Bratkov

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