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in this article, two toxic feelings that poison the lives of... Stop in the realization of the instinct of evolution. I wonder?)) still will continue), the most unpleasant and destructive, destroying and incinerating the feelings of SHAME, SHAME,guilt. Depending on the severity and size of toxic feelings, depends on the time and psychological work. Offer not pass a big test samouskorenie toxic feelings.
If you for example) live in a civil marriage, or wander from one rented apartment to another, or live with your parents, though you no longer twenty, and make excuses for it or maybe explain your priorities in life, sorry if you do not wish
to Justify the time spent alone.You say "Yes", and so wanted to say "No". There were cases when he apologized for his appearance. You are justified and explained your preferences in food.
Reported on your sex life, explain your career or personal choice. May be once even explained your political or religious views. Explained or not you are married, or not married, why no children. Here's another case) to date a man just because you asked, and really don't like. To explain their decision about marriage. Explain your choice in relationships.
to many to list , but I've collected the highlights. Duck here) coincided 1-3 - you lucky))) 3 welcome to therapy) I can call and make an appointment. Of course I will continue the posts about shame, guilt( in the near future) and why we need them and in some moments in the upbringing they are placed and how it affects life.)Because not aware of the installation "I am ashamed to even live," you realize, of course that's a "salt" and not a motivation coach or a positive thinking etc in the same pure form as the main tool of self-discovery and self-development will not help, only short-term effect. To maintain balance take-give ,ask and respond) Thank you.

Anna Lutkov
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