in my opinion the theme because everyone in his life faced with different types of violence, and maybe all at once.
if I Know what violence is? Of course, Yes. Otherwise, everything in my life would have been different. I wish I could live another life. No. Because in this life I learned to feel happy. But it is something to aspire people, so today let's tinkered with the concept of "immune to violence".
This concept is closely related to codependency🔐
Buying immunity⤵ this 🔑our borders are flexible and durable (we know how to do that before we broke)

It does not mean that we no longer feel pain, or people will stop us to deliver it (although this is partly true, the universe responds to our changes and people become less in the environment, we will be able to make a choice one in their environment to keep and whom to remove)br>
Society will find us everywhere, it means that our attitude to pain will change, its appearance will signal us about the invasion of our borders, we live it yourself and to heal the wounds, if possible, if not, then look for help.
Codependency is born of violence. Recall briefly its types to understand whether in our experience such⤵app
- the physical (sexual violence, beatings, hugging without permission, failure to observe distance, etc.)
- psychological (threats, isolation, verbal aggression, manipulation, etc.) If your life was violence, it would be helpful to determine whether you have immunity to it ↔ this flexible and strong personal boundaries

If not, to explore this topic. In the presence of immunity to violence have a sense of integrity, confidence and responsibility for themselves and their actions, in General harmony with each other.
When someone shows you violence, it feels like an invasion, the feeling of anger is normal, your desire to protect the border - also the norm. Depending on the situation, we choose how to respond to the abuse, take action. That's about as😉

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