In pursuit of happiness we lose our well-being


«You should be happy!» «the Main thing is to be a happy man!” - who among us has not heard these words.

Still, of course, very important success. Look around you: to be successful one of the main goals of many people around us. Good or bad? Strange question. How can it be bad to strive to be happy and successful person?

the Paradox is that in the pursuit of happiness and/or success (sometimes mistaken for one another), people do not get neither one nor the other. On success I will write another time, and yet, about the happiness and well-being.

Happiness is very bright feeling. It gives a lot of energy. A person is stressed, it increased sensitivity or, on the contrary, falls. Or we hear, see, smell, feel much better than usual - or has the capacity to tolerate such pain or lift a burden, to jump so high, run so fast - which previously was unable to. This is all it is - happiness!

Happiness lives in present, it can be felt only when it is ‘here and now”. In all other cases it will only be memories of happiness or the anticipation of happiness. And then we either live in expectation of happiness, or have “was” happy. in this   is unhappy. by the Way, not everyone can afford to feel happiness: many of us love more than the expectation and anticipation in preparing for the joyful events than the events themselves. And, of course, very nice to remember happy moments.

However, in the state of happiness is possible without consequences to stay very long. Resources, including physiological, finite. If they are abused – You are sure to get a "penalty" for "speeding".

do You know the feeling emptiness , listlessness, boredom (some people call it depression), the incoming replaced happy moments or a fun time? So what happens: people either happy or devastated? And in the middle of either waiting for happiness or fear depression?

Personally, I'm such a dilemma is not satisfied. As my customers.

We are looking for balance. Many like to say “harmony” - but too many, so that the sense is almost lost. I prefer to talk about balance, work balance. 

Balance = balance. For me, the balance is close to the concept of «welfare». Not: balance is the Foundation of well - being. So for me. Not sure how You…

If happiness can not be controlled (You either feel or you don't), then a private prosperity can and should. Especially to feel happiness is impossible, and to understand your own conditions – you!

Owned in this I see the purpose of our work: to help our Customers be successful.

What is necessary for well-being? Important and external (objective, those that do not depend on You) and inner (subjective, dependent on You) environment.

That's what people said when I asked them about welfare:

Foreign wellbeing:

  • health (and relatives)
  • interesting work
  • financial stability
  • the ability to schedule (e.g., vacation)
  • the presence of family, friends, you understand the people around, their support
  • no need to fight with someone or something
  • sports facilities
  • eat right
  • “dose” stress
  • Internal

  • samorealizatsii
  • balance between the global (disaster, war, policy, migration, etc.) and personal (personal: loneliness, illness, loss) fears
  • confidence
  • motivation
  • now let's look at the "external" conditions a little more closely.

    Health. This is something that You cannot control? What You can't influence? Are you serious?

    Interesting work. Here even clearer: who chose the profession, qualified, chosen your job? Not You?

    is it not from the first and second (largely) depends on Your financial stability?

    Consider then themselves. Not true, it turns out that all external conditions – not the external, and the most that neither is internal, i.e. dependent on the person (wholly or largely)? Starting with health and ending with “dose” stress.

    And if all of these conditions are (almost) depend on You, it turns out that Your well-being – in Your hands.

    it Should "very little": afford be yourself (yeah, yeah, it would be so easy). To understand what want You. To stop chasing happiness and success.

    Work on the conditions that are necessary for Your well being - and then happiness will be his “byproduct”. it is Possible (though not absolutely necessary) - and success.

    Agree with me?

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