In war as in war


In war as in war

may 9, 2018 constellation night coincided with a significant day in the history of our country – Victory Day.

This is a very good opportunity to explore phenomena related to the war. To explore pain and fear, heroism and meanness, the feelings of the participants on both sides, and most importantly at least a little bit to get in touch with a sense of why all this happened.

Investigated the situation using a large constellation process.

Polarity process

  1. Those who survived.
  2. Those who were killed.
  3. Those who were killed.
  4. the Highest sense of what is happening in the war.

Why did you choose these polarity to analyze the situation?

Because of the polarity according to the national-state principle we have already studied. Russian – Germans, the Nazis – the Communists. This time we decided to dig on the other hand, more psychological.

the course of the process.

stage 1. For each of the polarities exhibited by three deputies. They were given time to get into the role, and then to share feelings from the role. The implication is that these three figures are the core of this поляр6ности. And what would be the crush and confusion would not happen in the further process, their task is to hold the frame, hold the role, keeping the polarity in the working area of the process.

the Group of remaining participants were moving from polarity to polarity in the order in which it was claimed the polarity.

First had to stand up and enter the role of "survivors", then in the role of "victims", then in the role of "those who kill", and only in the last turn in the role of "higher meaning". On each of the "stations" of the way they have chuvstvovalos and shared the sensations from a contact with a given polarity.

stage 2. Gradually those participants who have passed all the stations in a circle, replaced those who performed the role of fixed elements. And now a new wave of participants in the amount of 12 people walked on all 4 stations.

stage 3. The final sharing (sharing of experiences) after exercise.




  • Some of the survivors, wrote his the truth about what happened. Someone added tantrums, someone drama, someone epic, someone know, someone added that to his advantage (I've seen it...).
  • Some of the survivors kept silent about what happened, and froze in his injury (nothing to say).
  • Some of those who survived believed that they were lucky (I'm lucky).
  • Some of those who survived believed that it was their personal achievement (I'm done).
  • Some of those who survived, it is my duty to keep the memory of what happened (descendants should remember).
  • Some of those who survived, believed himself to be infinitely guilty before the dead for what survived (guilt).

Victims (victims, "those who were killed")

  • Some of those who died took their fate limp, as if in a trance (I don't see anyone, I imagine)
  • Some of those who died, humbly and consciously (leave humbly, take me upstairs)
  • Some of those who died were full of fear and weakness (I'm weak in the face of danger)
  • Some of those who died were full of hatred and revenge (I fought to the end)
  • Some of those who died, took it as "I had no luck now, others don't get lucky later today I, tomorrow others"
  • Some of those who died, met it with outrage and indignation (How so?! And that's all!?)
  • Some of those who died, even in the moment of death, comforting others

"Those who kill"

  • Some of those who were killed, did so without any sense of guilt with righteous anger
  • Some of those who were killed, considered himself very guilty before each victim
  • Some of those who were killed, felt like heroes
  • Some of those who were killed feel like: "Yeah, I checked myself, I will do it!"
  • Some of those who were killed felt: "Today I was lucky. Tomorrow will be another lucky"
  • Some of those who were killed, were killed because they had no choice.
  • Some of those who were killed, saying that God is with them
  • Some of those who were killed, I felt full of energy and power

"Higher sense" of what is happening in the war.

  • Some of those who represented the "highest point", said: "We wanted something completely different. It's you people on our beautiful script made such a terrible play. You have it wrong, you did everything on your own. Barbarians once"
  • Some of those who represented the "highest point" had a profound indifference to people in war as pawns on a chess Board
  • Some of those who represented the "highest point" felt the excitement of the game, which they play through people. "We played!"
  • Some of those who represented "the highest sense of" felt responsibility for what is happening in the war. Next time will try to do differently.
  • Some of those who represented the "highest point" said: "Knowing the pain and fear, a better person comes to know joy and love, camaraderie and brotherhood! War, like any other tests needed to a person to better understand themselves, their true nature, find yourself, and to Wake up a thin, tall, beautiful feelings"


actually, it was ten times more deeper and more precise meanings. I purposely give very meager, brief, schematic description of the diversity of opinions that were present at each polarity. I just don't want to program readers. Each of you can, gathering a group of interested, to see and hear their own meanings. And these are the messages important to you. And just for you!

Why do these processes?

  • the Main meaning of similar works for large groups of people I see that every participant of the event saw the diversity, the whole spectrum of positions and opinions, feelings and sensations, actions and inactions. Coming into contact with this diversity, such a person will never fall into the trap of manipulation, which very often begins with the words: "Yes, they all did that..." And next is a distortion of reality, which is called generalization. No, manipulation generalization of the more their brains will not destroy. They already know that it was more difficult. All war were different!
  • Among the variety of opinions and attitudes of the person produces something with what feels the resonance. He suddenly realizes that his complaisance to his superiors there are so many helpless victims who just did not want to repulse the enemy. Or he clearly realizes that he is not good-natured that he in a certain situation able to kill another, is this potential aggression in it, and he needs to be careful in the manifestation of his power. People better begin to understand what is it all about.
  • Or he suddenly realizes that all the books that he wrote, all the films were shot about the war, it is only a point of view of a particular author. Sometimes a slick, powdery, and sometimes exaggerated. And that it is useful to have your head on your shoulders!
  • Knowing the diversity of the polarities of the war the person can better withstand a variety of the life that surrounds him now. Because daily life easier life in the war. And features and a lot more freedom. Live and be happy!

JUNE 7-10, 2018 in the centre of OLBIA
Swiss certificationa program at the process work

Yuriy Karpenko
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